22 April 2011

f(x) - Danger MV + Comeback Stage @ Music Bank + 1st Album Pinocchio [Tracklist]

f(x) finally released their first full album, titled 'Pinocchio'..As most of us know, f(x) always used a weird title for their song..huhuu..

Cred: strlkefr33d0m

What do you think about the song? I actually like the song but not the MV..haha..I love all f(x)'s dances! It's so addicted and cute! hahaa..btw, they look beautiful here esp Luna and Krystal..Eh, Amber's style is so cool here! Welcome back, Amber!! ^^

f(x)'s comeback live performances are under the cut :-)

f(x) - Gangsta Boy

cr: re1easethekraken

I changed my mind! The song is really cute after I watched this performance..hahaa..By only listening to mp3 is soo boring ;p

f(x) - Danger

cr: keybiluv1

I have to admit it, f(x) is really good this time! hhahaha..Okayh, I think I'm already hooked to this song XD hahahahahaha..

Tracklist only :)

01. 피노키오 (Danger)
02. 빙그르 (Sweet Witches)
03. Dangerous
04. Beautiful Goodbye
05. Gangsta Boy
06. 아이 (Love)
07. Stand Up!
09. So into U
10. Lollipop (feat. SHINee)

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