21 April 2011

Park Bom (2NE1) - Don't Cry MV

Our blog is so lonely~~~ lol

Yeay Bom back with her digital single album! But the song is very different from You & I... Watch this!

Bom looks so different for some reason :/ But pretty as usual =D I don't really understand the mv but it looks so beautiful!~~ I love YG's mvs! The song ermm quite good. But I still need to listen to it over and over again to really love it ;D Enjoy!


  1. yaa!! alia update! hahaha..

    lawa laa mv dia..kte un xphm sgt mv dia..tp last skali dia break ngan bf en..ensem laa laki uh!! hahahaahhaa..cincin diorang bersambung..HAHAHAH..

    ske lagu ni!! park bom yeah! she's look like a doll..cantik2 baju2 dia!! hahaaha

  2. lupe nak cakap, baju die lawa gilaaaa, kaler hahhaa


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