23 April 2011

Super Junior K.R.Y. - Fly MV for “Superstar K3″

Omo, my Ryeowooookkk so CUTE!! :))

Super Junior sub-unit, KRY just released a new MV for their theme song for Mnet’s “Superstar K3“, “Fly“! Waaa, I feel like I haven't watched Suju for a long time..I keep smiling while watching the MV..hahahahaha XD

The song is so refreshing! KRY usually sing a ballad song but now it's different! I love the song very much! Yeah for the first time, I see many Wookie in an MV!! haha..I'm so happy ;D They are really good right..the best combination ever! DAEBAK !! ^^



  1. taw xpe, cm da lame x tgk suju hahahaha

    taw xpe, byk gle ryeowook! omg jeles gle die tarik org, peluk bahu, pegang tangan aaaaaaaaa wookie! hyper gle die lompat2 hahah comel. kyuhyun ensemmm hahaha

  2. hehehe..comel kan ryeowook!! sbb tuh post..klo x, x post laa..rindu suju lak tetibe..hahahhaa..

    tp kyuhyun last2 xde laa..mne tah dia gi..wookie n yesung je ade..hahaha..

    tp lagu ni mmg best! weee~


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