24 April 2011

A Pink - I Don't Know MV + Seven Springs of Apink Mini Album

I just realized that they're from CUBE!!!! HAHA Lame. Yeah I know Cube will release a girl group, and yeah I know A Pink will debut. But I don't know A Pink is under Cube Entertainment! HAHA Change my perspective after I knew bout that lol

Kikwang!!! Kyaaa haha Sorry Awin. Weee I started to like this song more and more~

A PINK - SEVEN SPRINGS OF APINK MINI ALBUM tracklist and Music Bank debut performance under the cut.

My first impression when I first watch them in MB last Friday; Hurmm both of them not bad (A Pink and X-5). I miss the old cute girl group concept like Rock U, Tell Me, Kissing You before they all turn to gengsta and sexy and girl's power lol The butterfly fingers is weirdly addicted. Counting the members. Seven, oh ermm... Now everyone wants to be in a group of 7 lol


01 Seven Springs of APink
02 몰라요
03 It Girl
04 Wishlist
05 Boo

I used to dislike the idea of Cube having new girl's group but I don't know why I'm looking forward for them hehe One of the member is from Beast - Breathe MV and another one in Shock Japanese MV oh and also Beautiful! Gonna learn their names and faces after this weee~


  1. Yeahh!! newbies!

    hahahahha..I like A Pink!! comel laa..lagu pun bleh tahan..heeee :))

    diorang bdk2 lg..maknae 1996..gler aaa..

    eh?? bkn de sorang kat mv beautiful gak ke?? ntahlaa..x check lg profile diorang..mls rr wat profile time ni..hahahaha..

  2. oh ye beautiful. tadi sanye nmpk mv beautiful tapi terckp breathe HAHAHAH

    xdgr lagu len lg, tp lagu yg nh comelll hahaha ye ke gle muda. nk wat profile la nnt haha

  3. hahahahaa..tp yg breathe un sme gak rsenyer..ntah, x sure laa..kne wat profile diorang gak nnti..alia wat laa plak..hehee :p

    lagu2 lain un lebeyh kurang cmni gak..sume cute concept..hahhahaa..

  4. Em, I think A Pink quiet good. Innocent song style debut..hehe

  5. @awin - ari uh nak wat tapi x terbuat XD haha xdgr lagi lagu len dorg...

    @K-LOve - yup, exactly!


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