08 April 2011

Music Bank K-Chart Top 20 [110408]

Congratulations CNBLUE for winning K-Cart 2nd week of April! I kinda can guess em winning XD

1. CNBLUE - Intuition
2. K.Will - My Heart Beating
3. Big Bang - Tonight
4. Wheesung ft. Junhyung (BEAST) - Heartsore Story
5. Lee Hyun (8Eight) - You Are The Best Of My Life
6. Kim Taewoo - Resonate
7. Girl's Day - Twinkle twinkle
8. Song Ji Eun (Secret) - Going Crazy
9. Yangpa - Hurt
10. IU - Good day
11. Infinite - Nothing's Over
12. J-Cera - Endless Love
13. Maya - So Pain So Sad
14. DBSK - Before U Go
15. U-KISS - 0330
16. G.NA - Black & White
17. IU - The Story Only I Didn't Know
18. 4minute - Heart To Heart
19. Lee Sora - The Wind Is Blowing
20. Kim Tae Woo - Brothers & Me

Here are the list for performances on 8th April 2011:

♬ Debut - Rania and Brave Girls.

♬ So many Comeback stage! - Brian, Tony An, 4minute, and Rainbow.

★ Today Music Bank ★
TVXQ, Wheesung (feat. Hoya), Kim Tae Woo, INFINITE, Yangpa, U-Kiss, Insooni, Orange Caramel, Clover, Na Yoon Kwon, and Maya.


  1. Owww!! congratulationsss CN BLUEEE!!! best laa intuition..1st time dgr dah leh igt da melody dia..hahaaha...

    u-kiss,infinite n 4minute dah msuk carta..yeahh!!

    eh, lgu wheesung uh dia sepatutnyer feat junhyung..xpe, kte tukarkan..hehehe :))

  2. infinite dr last week lg da masuk. last week ade zea jgk, this week xde la haih

    ye ke? haha td die feat ngan hoya. comel je hahahahhaha td tgk infiniteeee kat tv gabak. L handsome gle!

  3. hahaha..xtau k-chart mggu lps..hahahaha..alaa, zea best laa..isk3..

    hahhaa..ha'ah..mggu lps wheesung feat ngan hoya gak..junhyung time comeback je ade..sedeyh tol..
    hahahahhaa!! x abes2 lg dgn L dia..hahaha

  4. hello :) mase cnblue menang kat music bank, dorgg ade buat ape ape tak like buat muke aegyo or anything?

  5. @anon - boleh tgk kat snh http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=byMRWfzXXEI dorg angkat yonghwa haha


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