02 April 2011

B2ST/BEAST - Shock Japanese Ver. PV

I thought I wanna rest from posting for this month (baru je ckp ngan alia td.hahaha)..but..yeah, you know, when there's any new news about Beast, I can't stop thinking about them and am hyper to post about it! hahaha..

As most of us know, on February 2011, Beast had already debuted in Japan and at the same time they had released their full PV of their popular song, SHOCK in Japanese version. :)

Cred: beastofficial

It was still the same chorus, of course! "Everyday I Shock, Shock!!" Junhyung's rap in Korean , isn't?? Waeyo?! huh..yeah, I think Shock in Japanese was better but the Korean version was a lot more better..hahaha XD I like Japanese's music video more than Korean's one..It had many scenes and the guys looked soooo handsome plus more aggressive! HAHA..

Gi Kwang and Dongwoon <3 Waaaaa, Love BEAST!!

01 Shock (Japanese Ver.)


  1. xpe awin, temankan kte XD lonely gle update sorg2. baru rase hehe

    rmbt yoseob da xblonde! pelik gle hahahaha i mean, pelik nyanyi lagu shock xrmbt blonde XD

    wow camera die sgt memeningkan. tapi byk fokus individual bgs2...

    doojoon! tetiba jth cinta balek haha bj xde lengan haha hot gle.

    byk pulak baju dorg kali nh. xsesuai lgsg yg bling2 uh XD

    sape yg last2 uh? igt gna XD

  2. hahahha..tu laa..mcm syok sndri je update sorang2..hahaha

    haaaa, tu laa..sume rmbut itam..lg smart laa! I like!!~ hahahaha..

    yupp, baju yg bling2 uh x smart laa..wane silver lak uh..aigoo..

    yg last2?? rsenyer yg new girl group tuh..

  3. tuh ar, ble sorg update rase nak update jgk. da mcm berlumba2 lak nak update. ble sorg xupdate, smua xupdate haha

    nape x letak satu group tros XD alaa cm xbesh je nak ade group baru. 4minute pun baru nak naik. kalo laki xpe gak XD

  4. HAHAHHAHAH!! Btol2!! nih chibi je jarang update ni..layout x tukar un..dah 2 bln dah..isk3..

    ntahlaaa..tu laa..klo laki best gak en..group pmpoan rse mcm dah berlambak sgt laa..ssh nk igt nme..rainbow un x lps lg..kah3

  5. chibi bz gle skrg, jgn kaco die.

    taw xpe! rainbow pun xlepas2 lg HAHAHAHA jaekyung je la knal XD

  6. ouhh..yeke?? ok2..xleh kaco dia nii..

    hahahaha..u r right!! jaekyung je laa :)


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