22 April 2011

FT Island - Satisfaction PV

FT Island releases new Japanese single - 'Satisfaction'..Arghh~ I forgot to post about this earlier..hahaa..I like this song very much! FT Island's japanese songs sound more better and powerful than koreans! Love love love <3

What's wrong with Hongki's hair?

Cred: warnermusicjapan

Yeayy!! Jaejin's sweet voice, Hongki's husky voice, and Seunghyun's strong rap! Jonghun's cool and Minhwan's charisma!! Haahhahaa..but, I think long hair is not suit Hongki at all..sorry Hongki :'( The others are so handsome and cute! :) hehe

In this single album, they include two more songs which is 'Friends' and 'I want'..

I also add both of the audios here :D Check it out~

Kyaaa~ Love the album!

Cred to The2ndKp0palbums@youtube

1 comment:

  1. haha hongki needs longer hair! and then it'd be cute cm mse debut haha.

    but yeah short hair is awesome. thnx awin! i love that satisfaction got to be an anime song XD


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