10 April 2011

Rainbow - To Me (내게로..) MV + SO女 Mini Album [Tracklist]

Rainbow's new mini album has finally revealed along with their new MV! "To Me" is their title track :)

Cred: dsp

I can say that I love this MV more than "A" or "Gossip girl" MVs..hehe..The song is a little bit sounds like A..and of course, I like it! Oh eh oh eh oh eh hahaha..Jaekyung is pretty and also No Eul!~ I think I can identify four girls only; Jaekyung, No Eul, Woori, and Jisook..haha..The others are still blur 0_0

Tracklist for SO女 Mini Album :-

01 So Cool (new)
02 To Me (내게로..) (new)
03 너뿐 이라고 (I Said You're The One) (new)
04 Mach (마하)
05 A

View Rainbow's profile HERE :))


  1. aaa i love aaaa. tapi yg nh pun besh. rainbow da naek carta kte for girls group hahaha

    ok i think i can recognize jaekyung and woori. i love woori, rappers XD yg len still blur. tp dorg tukar rmbt so sng sket smua len2. eh how come leh knal noeul? dari ari uh xleh knal die =.=

    oh eh oh eh oh eh catchy gle haha dgn dance dorg haha

    serius dance rainbow lbh kurg je smua haha bgos2 ade style sndiri hahaha

  2. hahaha..dgr byk2 kali bru terase mcm best lgu2 rainbow ni..hahahhaa..

    rainbow nye trademark poppin kot..poppin dr mule smpai abes lgu ni part oh eh oh eh..hahaha :p

    noeul yg tggi mke dia sng gak nk knl..hahahaha..yg lain boleh gak knl, tp x igt nme sgt laaa...hahahaa..

  3. yup2 popping ngan wave ngan shake it shake it lol XD


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