31 January 2011

Infinite - Before The Dawn MV + Evolution EP

Yeayy!! Inifite is our new header!!! hahahaa..

Smart deyh this picca :D

Do you guys still remember the slamming guitar dance?? Yeah, it was their debut song, 'Come Back Again'..Dashi dorawa, dorawa, dorawa!!~ hehe..I love them but still, arghh..can't recognized some of them until now..hahaha..lol XD Most of them look similar except for sung gyu,the leader and Dongwoo,the rapper..The others I don't know who is who..It is very confusing to differentiate them just like Teen Top boys..hahaa..blank =__=

Hahahaha..They having their comeback this early January with a new mini album, Evolution. They released Before The Dawn MV..By the way, the MV have strong violence scenes and luckily it doesn't get banned..Just a fighting only..no big deal laa..hahahaa =p

Cred: BunBamBii

Yeah,I get to know Woohyun and L here as they are the main actors in the prison!~ hahaaa..I hane been trying to understand the MV and finally I have found one explanation what is the MV all about..I hope you will understand..

"Woohyun and L are stuck in a "prison," which represents their obsessive love for the girl. They are kept prisoners of a mysterious man (the "prison holder") which represents the strong hold the girl holds them with. They both try to escape, but realize only one can escape. They fight, but in the end realize they have to work together to get out. They try to find an exit, but they are stuck within the girl's clutches forever."

Thanks to Th1rt3enXGNa @ youtube for the great explanation! :)

Check it out Infinite's profile HERE..

MBLAQ - Cry and Stay MVs + BLAQ Style Album

HAHAHAHA..Since I'm in holiday, I have to update moreeee right..yeah, I will update as much as I can..hahaha..I'm still wondering why Azra didn't post about Mblaq..cehh XD

Mblaq in acrobatic!~

Just so you know, they delayed their November 2010 comeback to January 2011..Haa, 'Chic Idols' Mblaq has made their comeback this early January with their 1st full-length album, BLAQ Style..The album contains 13 tracks including Oh Yeah and Y in remix version..As for their comeback, they released Cry MV as the title track and then after a few days, they released Stay MV..The two tracks have different melody and concept, of course :)

Cry MV :-

I love this song so much..the choreography laying on the floor is so cool..hahaha..I don't know, my friend doesn't like this song..this is the best song from Mblaq, I think..heee ;)

Stay MV :-

Yeahh!! This song is so Mblaq!! =D

Overall, I love both songs! Cry is more to slow R&B song unlike Stay is an upbeat song..and haa, I almost forgot..all the Mblaq members are too HOT now! Cheondung looks more matured and handsome! hahaha..Mir too! plus oh my Seungho..iskk, his new hair makes him looks chubby lahh..HAHA

Credit to jtunecamp@youtube

More BLAQ Style under the cut..

21 January 2011

G.Na - Black & White MV

G.na is back in this January 2011!! The solo singer that is produced under CUBE Entertainment, the same company with BEAST and 4Minute released her first full length album with few songs from her first single.

The song that she's currently promoted for this early half year of 2011 is "Black & White". Check it out the cute side of G.na along her already well known sexy figures in the MV that features 2AM's Jinwoon!

For me, I love the pairing as they look adorable together. :) Thumbs up to their acting role in the MV!

credit: 9gnaofficial @ youtube

And special for you!  A track from her full album that interest me and wants to recommend it to you guys. She's great with any kind of song, I think. :)

Click 'Read More' to watch G.na - I Miss you already track with english sub for better comprehend. :D

20 January 2011

Dal★shabet - Supa Dupa Diva MV

Honest and true, January 2011 is full of catchy songs yet their first impression or first heard would be annoying or bored to death. As for example, Dal★shabet, a girl group that debut with such kind song in this first month of year 2011. Their debut, Supa Dupa Diva song is getting many attention since catchy in their own way.

What's so surprising for me, the outfits they wear are the most daring one for how short the hot pants length could be and how unusual the viewers or precisely netizens not saying/bashing/commenting about the length of the pants are or their manner of clothing stage. Anyway, enjoy the debut song of Dal★shabet, Supa Dupa Diva !

credits : happyfaceent@ youtube

Teen Top - Supa Luv MV + Transform EP

Hey guys~! Been so long from us, didn't?? anyway, just a quick update before class starts. After short hiatus from last year, Teen Top comes back to the industry with new song called Supa Luv take from their single Transform.

We know lots of you must have watch this but yes, this song is catchy.
I thought at first, my first about the song would be bored. But after watching them performing live with the dance. Okay!!!~~ THE DANCE IS COOL!! And eff awesome!!^^

Anyway, enjoy!! Oh damn, the dance is like when you're in a club and dance along with the music. Like DJ STYLE~ I really want that dance at chorus.

Shout out to pretty Chunji and L Joe!!~~ Seriously, you need to dig this song. :)

credit to: teenzontop@ teentop official youtube

01 Transform

02 Supa Luv

03 Angel

06 January 2011

SECRET's Shy Boy MV + Album!

Its Secret time!! Oh their mazic mazic mazic haha. Leave it to Secret to comeback when no other girl groups are around, but that's okay! Since so many guy groups are comeback-ing they can be their Shy Boy(s)! Haha okay not so good of a joke, but hey I'm writing this in the middle of the night!

Is this their 1st single? After debuting with a Want You Back, returning with Magic, then they became Madonnas, Secret is back with a 60's cutesy concept for their new song, I think Seonhwa, Zinger, Jieun and Hyosung look absolutely gorgeous!! So jealous!! Especially Jieun who looks amazing in 60's style..

I have to admit I almost threw up at the beginning cuz they were acting so creepy cute, but afterwards I turned to like the song a bit, its fun and it's way different than their last two title songs. Enjoy! (turn on the cc for english subs)

Secret - Shy Boy
cr: tsent2008

More for the PHOTOS + SINGLE??

04 January 2011

G-Dragon & T.O.P releases "Knock Out" MV!

I think the title says everything, G-Dragon and T.O.P of BIGBANG has unleashed their awesome duo creation with this "Knock Out" music video!

"Knock Out" is the sixth track out of their Volume 1 Album released not too long ago. The two have been performing title tracks "HIGH HIGH" and "OH YEAH" throughout several music shows and end-of-the-year blow out Music Festivals.

Will G-D & T.O.P be following up promotions with "Knock Out"?? I don't see why not..


In my opinion.. they have a missing ingredient, and I think G-Dragon & T.O.P are ready to have black girls in their videos now instead XD. It would look better in the videos anyways.
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