16 December 2010

[UPDATED] G-Dragon & T.O.P - High High MV!

High high! I'm so high~~

Hhahhaa..xthn gler tgk mke GD =p

Weeee~ G-dragon and T.O.P (aka GD & TOP) has finally revealed the MV for High High on 14th December..Yeah, as you all know, GD and TOP are the rappers of Big Bang..Well, of course all of you can guess what's the song sounds like..hahhaa..It's party time!!~

Cred: TeamYoshi

Woww! Seungri and Taeyang also featured in the MV! Hhahaa..cute~ TOP with a new hairstyle..white hair! It's weird but I think he looks more handsome! hahaha..GD yeah cute as usual..Love their collaboration! <3 Can't wait for their full album on the 24th!

There are 6 tracks in the album and below are the some of the brief descriptions behind most of the songs, as explained on the stream:


“A song that kicks off GD&TOP’s album and that shows that their musical roots are hip-hop. GD’s rap wittily introduces each song in the album.”

<”Oh Yeah“>

“‘Oh Yeah’ accentuates GD&TOP’s opposite styles of making the sound. The refrain sung by 2NE1’s Park Bom makes people want to chant.”

<”Baby Good Night“>

“This is a song in which the duo crosses between rapping, and singing a melody with the acoustic guitar playing in the background. T.O.P’s smooth rap flow and GD’s vocal is like a beautiful instrument creating sexy beats.”

<”Oh Mom“>

“An unusual rock track for T.O.P the rapper. Based on a true story about a friend of his, the song tells the inside troubles of a person. With a heavy rock sound, T.O.P as a vocalist sings the mind of a lonely and restless boy.”

<”Obsession” (악몽)>

“GD’s unique writing method is the highlight of the song. The music begins calmly, and then becomes intense in an instant. It creates the atmosphere of having a nightmare and running in the empty sky.”

< “Of All Days“ >

“A BIG BANG-styled piece with the piano performance, the mix of electronica based in house, and hip-hop and the intense refrain. The song presents the joy of freedom and the longing mind of a person who wants to be free.”

High High and Oh Yeah has released on 15th..so, these are the linkies for both mp3 :) the others will be added soon after 24th okayh..Stay tuned!~

03 OH YEAH (Feat. 박봄)
04 집에 가지마 (Don't Go Home)
06 뻑이가요 (Knock Out)
07 OH MOM [T.O.P]
08 악몽 (Obsession) [G.D]
09 오늘따라 (Of All Days) [T.O.P]
10 어쩌란 말이냐? (What Do You Want Me To Do?) [G.D]
11 Turn It Up [T.O.P]


  1. you know i luv me my bigbang babies!! XD they're soo hot i can melt from looking at them hahaha.

    my favorite songs so far are high high, oh yeah, obsession, oh mom my gosh top is so sweet haha. and don't go home? lol yeah so sweet actually hahaha.


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