06 December 2010

4MINUTE Profile, Let's go!

I'm bored and thanksfor I could do the blogging. So, because I'm done with BEAST Profile, Let's move to another Cube family shall we?? ^^

4MINUTE, Let's go!! credit to soompi forum mostly. :0

4MINUTE (포미닛) consists of 5 girls, led by Nam JiHyun, Heo Gayoon, powerful vocal, Jeon Jiyoon, super aegyo, Hyunah, rapper, and cute maknae, Kwon Sohyun. They are the first group Cube Entertainment made and they are the senior for BEAST & G.Na in music industry. Currently, they are spreading their wings to all over Asia and actively promoting in Japan now, along KARA & SNSD.

4-4-4 Minute~~~!!

Debut Song : Hot Issue
First Song Released: June 15th, 2009
Debut Stage : June 18th, 2009
Official Fanclub Name : 4NIA

Click more to know each member info and about their debut song.

Their debut song, Hot Issue. credit:- 4MinuteVEVO @ youtube

Members' Info:-

Nam Jihyun ㅣ 남지현
Group Position : Leader, Vocal
DOB : January 9, 1990
Nicknames :
Innocent - Lovely Jihyun, 4-D Jihyun, Namjiji (trashy?), Namji / NamG / NamGee, Namdakyu / Namdocu, Nam Hyori
Height : 167cm
Weight : 49kg
Blood Type : A
Specialty : Dancing, Ballet, English
Hobbies : Dancing, cooking
Fan of : Rain, Kim Yeona, Audrey Hepburn
Education ; Sangmyeong University, Dance Department (Major in Ballet, leave of absence)

Heo Gayoon ㅣ 허가윤
Group Position : Lead Vocal
DOB : May 18th, 1990
Nicknames :
Dodosick (Arrogant-"Sick") Gayoon, Neunggeuli (Sneaky) Gayoon (because of her facial expressions in some pictures), Gayoonit, Cube uljjang, Heophrodite, Gangnam Woman, Heo Force
Height : 165 cm
Weight : 47 kg
Blood Type : O
Specialty : Singing
Previous Works :
-appeared in Marios MV "Im Yours", 2008
- sang chours for MC Mongs "Ninth Cloud", 2008
Hobbies : Watching movies, writing lyrics
Fan of : Yangpa, Lee Hyori, Bae Youngjun
Education : Dong Deok Female High School (graduated)

Jeon Jiyoon ㅣ 전지윤
Group Position : Vocals
DOB : October 15, 1990
Nicknames :
Charisma Jiyoon, Teol teol (Easy-going) Jiyoon, Junglass, Jiyoonit
Height: 165 cm
Weight: 47 kg
Blood Type : B
Specialty : Singing, Dancing
Hobbies : Cooking, writing lyrics
fan of : Beyonce
Education : Byeongjeom High School (graduated)

Kim HyunAh ㅣ 김현아
Group Position : Rapper
DOB : June 6, 1992
Nicknames : Kim Force HyunAh, "Best Aegyo" HyunAh (acting cute), 키며나 / 김효나 (Kimyeona/ Kim Hyona misheard versions of her name)
Height : 164 cm
Weight : 40 kg
Blood Type : O
Specialty : Rapping, Poppin, Street dancing, Singing
Debut : in Wonder Girls with the single "Irony", 2007
Previous Works :
-featured in MTV Wonder Girls Season 1 (~late 2006 / 2007)
-featured in Wonder Girls debut mini-album "The Wonder Begins", 2007
-featured in MTV Wonder Girls Season 2, 2007
-featured in a Crown CF, 2007
-co-Mced MBC Music Core, 2007
- appeared in MBC show "7 Octave", 2007
-featured in Cyon Bboy Championship CF, 2008
-featured in TBJs campaign Love Actually, 2009
-featured in AJs track "2009", 2009
-featured in AJs MV "Dancing Shoes", 2009
Hobbies : Cooking, customing clothes, watching movies, doing Selcas (self cameras)
Education : Korea High School of Music and Arts (currently attending)

Kwon Sohyun ㅣ 권소현
Group Position : Maknae, Vocals
DOB : August 30, 1994
Nicknames :
Cute Sohyun, 꿘쏘 (Kkweon Sso), 왕언니 (Wangeonni) Sohyun, Imp
Height : 162 cm
Weight : 45 kg
Blood Type : B
Specialty: Dancing, Studying, Japanese
Debut : in Orange with the single "Our Star", 2005
Previous Works :
- appeared in MBC Drama "대장금" (Jewel in the Palace / Great Jang Geum)
-appeared in SBS Drama "장길산" (Jang Gil San), 2003
-appeared in KBS show "울라불라 블루짱" ( Woolla Boolla Blue Jjang), 2004
-appeared in SBS Drama "파리의 연인" (Lovers in Paris / Des amoureux Paris / My Sweetheart in Paris / Romance in Paris), 2004
-appeared in the movie "연애술사" (Love Predicative), 2005
-featured in Orange debut single "Our Star" single, 2005
- appeared in MBC Drama "단팥빵" (Sweet Buns), 2005
Hobbies : Pool
Fan of : Ciara
Education : Pungmoon girls' highschool (currently attending)


  1. hahaha..cube family! smgt chibi wat profile en!! bagos2!! nnti wat kan laa shinee n 2ne1 skali ke..byk org request kot..xde mse nk wat..hahaha..

    ermmm..byk gler hyunah nye previous works..femes dah dlu sblum debut eh..hehehe

    Gayoon my fav! ahhh, maknae sgt hot skang! sume da sexy da skang..isk3..

  2. yelah semangat!! hyper td!! but amik mase gak td. LOL!!~~ XDD

    but x sangka maknae byk keje gak..
    sumer da jadi matured la awin~ XDD

  3. hahaha..wat profile mmg leceh sket..pening nk cri profile dorang..lg2 klo newbies..aigoo~

    haa..maknae de brlakon rupenyer?? lovers in paris lak uh?? x prasan lak..x igt da..hahaa.cte lme..

    hahaha..yelaa..tp hyuna terlbih sexy..bru 18..kecik lg XD HAHAHAH..

  4. hahaha.. mostly tgk newbies nye profile x banyak..
    after school and t-ara x maw bwat la sbb dye asyek tambah member..
    menyampah jer kene tambah satu2..

    hahha.. taw x per.. byk la uh..
    hahah hyuna kecik 18??!! O__O
    dye da legal la awin!XDD

  5. hhaa..yeahh..AS n t-ara maleh nk wat gak..hahaa..

    hahaha..18 cam kte2 je..terase cam kecik lg je..hehehe..
    yela2..biar laa die..

  6. i don't actually like hyuna, sbb macam attention whore -.-

  7. @atheera- haha dlu rase mcm tuh gak. tp lame2 rase die hot gila :P

    i love 4minute song since huh, who's next album tuh. serius semua besh2 lagu dorg lepas tuh. cm beast gak. cube family nih music genre dorg mmg sesuai dgn jiwa remaja ku hakhak

    4minute hot gila skrg. smua jadik cun.

    dlu xdpt terima jihyun jadik leader, skrg da nmpk keleader-an die XD

  8. ad bwh aq n ats aq 1 sthun .. ahhah XD .. tp group nie best !


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