12 December 2010

After School Love Love Love MV + Happy Pledis 1st Single

After School in the house!!

For your information, Pledis Entertainment has planned a surprise charity album with their artists as a surprise gift for their fans by releasing a series of “Happy Pledis” albums from After School, Son Dambi, and Orange Caramel. First up in the order is After School with “Happy Pledis The 1st Album.” The title track from this album is titled ‘Love Love Love’. It was then announced that a portion of the profits earned from the “Happy Pledis” project would be donated to the “Save the Children Fund” organization.

After School have just released the MV for Love Love Love, so you better check it out below :-

Cred: pledisentertainment

Version 2

Haaa..no Beckha??!! I'm not really sure why she didn't appeared in this album..I have read somewhere that Beckha is not under Pledis Entertainment..huh..I don't know lah..Aww~ After School is not complete without her! there's only 7 members there..aigooo :(

Yeah, nevertheless, the song is very beautiful!! just in time for Christmas right..hahahaa..all the members are pretty especially Nana! I think I like her the most! heeee..My 2nd fav is Gahee..wohooo! She is always the hottest no matter how old is she..hahahaa XD

Guys, have you watch their live performance for Love Love Love?? Haaaa, It's a cute performance I told you..

Cred: lisalove0419

Say that you always love me~~Kawaii!! Love After School when they are doing this kind of song! Yeahhh~ Raina's voice is the best for sure! hahahaa..After School Hwaiting!! =D

01. Love Love Love
02. Someone Is You
03. Love Love Love (Inst.)
04. Someone Is You (Inst.)


  1. lol you know i love this song awin! lol. but bekha she's just still in hawaii for her vacation, they didnt let her go home for 4 years thats why they let her stay while they promoted this =).

    my favorite xmas song this year haha my roomate wont stop playing it after i did hahaha

  2. say that you always love me~ i love this song too! haha bekha da balik yeay!


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