09 December 2010

SISTAR - How Dare You MV [3rd Single Album]

You know what, on last week, our SISTAR had cameback with their 3rd single already titled How Dare You after the released of 2nd single, Shady Girl a couple months ago..They are set to have their comeback earlier but due to the Yeongpyeong Island shelling by North Korea, they had to delay their comeback..Hrmmm, check it out the MV below :-

Cred: starshipTV

Have you watched their MV teaser before this?? In the teaser, Sistar were doing the pole dance..The pole dance is not wrong right..It's kindda sexy but it's sort of exercise though..Because of the concept, they have many problems with the media..Regardless, Sistar girls are finally going ahead with their promotions!

Hahaa..Okayh..Back to the song, I love it! Except the touching butt dances at the beginning..hahaha..but overall, I think the song would make people loves Sistar more and more! Just like Shady Girl right..They looks very cool on stage and I don't know lah, but I know that I am a STAR1! (Sistar's fan club) Hehee :)

Watch their Music Bank's comeback under the cut :-

Cred: sistarHD

Kyaaa~ Bora looks very pretty with the red hair..She is the prettiest among the others! hahaha..I like SoYou..HyoLyn as a main vocal and as a perfect leader~ the magnae, DaSom is cute and pretty..She looks innocent and less in singing XD

01 Mighty Sister.mp3 (Intro)
02 Over.mp3
03 니까짓게 (How Dare You).mp3
04 니까짓게 (How Dare You)(Inst.).mp3

1 comment:

  1. hahaha tuh ah awin, part butt dance uh pelik gle =.= hahahaha

    tapi serius skrg suka lagu2 sistar. dorg cm da up. bagos2. lagu dorg smua besh2. dance dorg pun cool. i like this song (lmbt gle nk like) ari uh asyik kuar lagu nh je kat tv stlh sekian lama xtgk tv XD


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