11 December 2010

F.Cuz Releases Wanna Be Your Love (Friend's Graduation) MV

Having released Midnight Sun MV for their comeback last month, now they have released one more MV for Wanna Be Your Love (Friend's Graduation) from their 2nd mini album Gorgeous..They actually have performed this song along with Midnight Sun during their comeback stage at Music Bank..

Cred: f.cuz0108

Hehe..I know this song is cute! It's a very different from Midnight Sun..hahaha..Omo, Yejun (my fav <3) is so cute + handsome! heeee :) But isn't is weird the set of the MV is the same from first until the end? hahahaa..so funny but still love the song!

Catch their comeback stage at Music Bank below..btw, cute performance guys! <3

Cred: smilehi09

1 comment:

  1. dari lagu emo gothic aura gelap tukar tros aura comel riang ria kanak2 ribena hahahaha suka laguuu nhhhh!
    my bestfriend~ my lady

    yeay jinon rap pjg sket! hahaha lol die gila dlm nh XD bromance~


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