19 November 2010

F.Cuz - Midnight Sun MV

Remember Jiggy? Not? What about No One? Now you should really focus cause F.CUZ is back! HAHA


The song is much more cooler if I don't see the mv... lol Idk, something wrong with the mv somewhere keke But I love the song, seriously. And the dance is pretty cool if you watch them perform hehe Just in time to watch them in mb just now XD

I hate the fact that Jinon doesn't sing at ALL! He just err talking for a few line and that's it. Can't even consider that as a rap =.= I was waiiiiting for him when I know F.cuz is coming back =.= I sort of taking interest to him in Dream Team haha

OMG MAGNAE IS AWESOME! Hye Yejun ^^ Tho I don't really like him before and the fact that I can't see his eyes here lol I like his hair harhar AND HE SINGS A LOOOOOT. Not fair :/

Kan and Lee U, Idk what happened but you guys used to be my fav XD

F.Cuz Gorgeous under the cut....

Yejun, Jinon, Kan, Lee U

01 Intro
02 U Crazy
03 Midnight Sun (Original Ver.)
04 친구졸업
05 Say U Say Me
06 내꺼
07 괜찮아
08 Midnight Sun (Remix Ver.)
09 친구졸업 (Inst.)
10 Minight Sun (Inst.)
11 Outro

*They called this MINI album??? So many!! lol haha siap ada outro XD Thanks Awin uploadkan! ^^


  1. haha..npe x letak comeback skali?? gempak kot..

    yeahh!! i cant see yejun's eyes too!! tp rmbut die mmg sesuai ngan die..ensem glerr!! hahaha..kan n jinon pun ensem..jinon x..HAHAAHHA!

    tau xpe!! jinon ckp bkn rap! bpe secong je ckp2 un..sian glerr..suppose leader byk nynyi or rap! haishh..x menyerlah btol..sib baek die msuk dream team..bru laa femes sket..kah3

  2. taw xpe hahaha gempak gak. bukak2 je dorg ahaha nasib bek smpt

    ape jinon ensem, jinon tak x nh? hahah

    muka kan ngan leeu pelik ar pulak tgk hahahah

  3. lgu best fren comel2!! lgu lain un ok gak laa..

    eh, slh lak..leeu yg x ensem..jinon ensem lohh..

    hahaha..yes2!! kan tgk byk2 kli pelik gak..rmbut kan time no one hot sket..

  4. aaa i miss f.cuz original i miss them so much, they are super awesome rookies before wayy better than rookies now...


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