06 November 2010

Happy 5th Anniversary Super Junior!

Just because they're my no 1 favourite group ever, I decided to post something XD I feel like posting all my fav pictures of Suju here but there are just too many! =.=

I am soo missing 13 of you together :/

Words can't describe how much ily guys :) Seriously. Always be happy, healthy and wealthy XD Come to Malaysia over and over again until I finally can meet you XD


  1. Wahhhh...tepat kul 12 uh publish! bgos2!!!

    hepi bday suju!!! wookie ah <3

    comel laa gmba2 ni...nk curi laa..hehehe..

    yeahh!! come to malysia!! I wanna go SS3 next year! but...hrmmm..alia n chibi gi ke SS3??

  2. hahah serius mase mule2 buat uh xperasan pun pkl 12... mase nak post uh ternmpk jam... 11.59pm. blur pas2 tros pkl 12, pas2 tros tekan publish harhar

    igt nak letak gmbr donghae byk2 tp bkn bday die sorg kekeke

    curi la, kte curik kt tw dorg byk harhar tp yg gmbr lame2 uh google, mls nak bukak hard disk XD

    nak pergi... tapi cm err.. alaaa nape dorg x wat fanmeet or showcase je =.=

  3. hahahaa..

    2 rr..klo diorang wat fanmeet ok sket..klo cncert nih payah sket rr nk gi..mlm en?? eh?? ke siang?? cncert mhl lak uh..dpt tgk dr jauh je en..hahaha..

  4. tuh laaaa, jauh.. da la rabun hahaha mlm lak tuh haih haih

  5. hahhaa..kte 2 rabun en..haishh..ssh tol..tp de gak kwn kat cni ajk gi..die dak KL tp kaye rr..kte x mmpu...hahaa

  6. aku juga kangen ngeliat super junior bisa kumpul ber13 lagi seperti dulu. So i miss you all, Super Junior hwaiting


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