02 November 2010

2NE1 - It Hurts MV + Live Performance @ Inkigayo

Keke..rmbut Dara sgt menakutkan -.-

2NE1 finally revealed their follow-up track in To Anyone album which is, 'It Hurts'..I personally love this song from whole album! hehe..Just yesterday YG Entertainment unveiled the MV for It Hurts..Before this, 2NE1 made their comeback with three MVs, Clap Your Hands, Can't Nobody, and Go Away..It looks like they are the only idol group whom comeback with three tracks at the same time and stage..I'm actually proud of them..

Haa..About It Hurts MV, because it debuted on Halloween night, the girls dressed in a Victorian Gothic fashion that they’ve naturally tweaked to their own tastes..Woww! Gothic?? Yeah, most of the dresses in black colour..huhu~ Check it out below to see the girls! Who do you think has the best outfit?? hahahaa..

Cred: 2ne1

I really really love the MV's concept!! It's cool right..As for me, BOM win for the best outfit!! Her dress is the prettiest plus with green hair instead of red hair colour..hahaha..Omo, Dara looks so scary with those kind of long hair like Rapunzel..For CL nad Minzy, they are beautiful too..

Their live performance in Inkigayo is under the cut :-

Cred: mrdyoyof

I'm actually like Minzy's voice..She has the best voice after BOM..hahaha..BOM looks so gorgeous here! Aaaaa..they are so talented! they can sing fast and slow songs very beautiful!! Thumbs up for these girls yeah!! and also YG Entertainment!! hehehe =D

Wanna download this song?? Go HERE..Enjoy =D


  1. hahaha nak wat pasal nh! skali lupe sbb cuak tggu result exam hahahahhaa

    yeahh one of my fav song in To Anyone! ahaha

    rambut bom somehow cam lawaaaaa hahaha green lol looks cool for me XD

    okeyh.... mv die pelik gle hahha asal gothic? lagu dorg xrase cm gothic sgt un hahahha

  2. haha..2 r..kte plik gak tgk alia x wat2..so, kte wat je laa..ble rsult kuar?? ktenyer kuar mggu ni!! hahahaa..

    rmbut merah un lawa gakk...cam sesuai ngan die..tp nmpk cam mkcik en..hahaha..

    sbb halloween..pkai bju halloween..hahaa..tp smart rr mv die..menakutkan tgk mlm2..cam lgu hntu..lgu sedeyh en..emo laa sket..kah3

  3. wohooo awin rajen... nak wat jyj tp rase cm nak gelak2 so xleh buat hahhaa cpt gle result korg kuar? bkn baru abes ke? hahah

    smua lawa ar rmbt bom... sgt nk tggu rmbt biru pulak... biru cm kain skola mngh hahaaha

    smart ar... tp still xleh feel gothic nye hahaha agak scary rmbt dara lol laki uh gle cm mayat je

  4. hahahaa..ari ni dowh kuar rsult!! tkut nk amek skang..tgh bkk intnt kt library..hahahaa..

    haaa..biru?? lwk laa plak..xpe2..we'll wait n see..

    hahah..tau xpe!! laki uh plik gle mke..pucat cam myt..tp tgk lme2 ensem gak..hahah


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