18 September 2010

2NE1 comeback + To Anyone Album

2NE1 comeback! XD How you liking it? I'm so happy! They're my no 1 in kpop girl group hehehe

They're comeback with 3 mvs and 3 comeback stage performances! Woh 8O I don't really like the song until I watch the mvs, the english lyrics and the performances! I like how each of mv and perf different from each other. Lots of variety and creativity. Just get rid of the autotune please lol. Check it out~

Clap Your Hands (박수쳐)

*Group dance. I like it, gangsta feel XD Catchy chorus, Bom voice is the bomb! They still stick to eh eh eh at the end of the song haha K O R E A A A A

Go Away

*Story line mv. CL is baddast XD My fav song! The best performance out of three for me! Love the club concept. Very cool choreography.

Can't Nobody

*Really surprise this song win lol The best MV out of three for me. Cause Minji just so WOH haha I like how this MV shows individual shot for everyone part then power rangers concept for group shot at the end haha

To Anyone Album

01 Can't Nobody
02 Go Away
03 박수쳐 (Clap Your Hands)
04 난 바빠 (I'm Busy)
05 아파 (Slow) (Painful, It's Hurt)
06 사랑은 아야야 (Love is Ouch)
07 Park Bom - You & I
08 CL and Minji - Please Don't Go
09 Dara - Kiss (ft CL)
10 날 따라 해봐요 (Try To Follow Me)
11 I Don't Care (Reggae Mix Ver)
12 Can't Nobody (Eng Ver)

*I love Painful/It's Hurt and Love is ouch too! And of course others, I've been loving the others since back then XD Just realise that I love all of 2NE1 song in this album too. I hate the autotune in every rap tho. Thankfully they don't autotune Bom's voice lol My first thought was they're not as good as the first mini album songs. But after listening to new album over and over again, all of em are awesome! No wonder 2NE1 is my no 1 Kpop girl group ever =D

cr: 2ne1@yt


  1. Hahahaaa..rajin gler ltk sume videos..bagos alia!!

    Yeayy!! suka sume lagu dlm album to anyone!! Wohooo!!~

  2. hahaha terajen lak, sbb perf dorg besh! hehehe

  3. 2ne1 mmg gempak gle r . lg diorang sumer best 2 gile . nak bli album diorang tp x tau r nk cari kt mane lg . kat sluruh kl la .cl is the best . minzy is sweet 16 . park bom is prettay and lastly dara is cute . love ya .
    p/s : if korang tau nak bli kat mene cd tu , gtau la eh . kte share2 sket . haha . thanx ... anyeoung .

  4. @anon-yess!! sume best!! hahaha..

    ermm..cd dorang?? order kat yesasia kot..or nnti kat speedy ke de rr kot..lmbt sket laa..ahahaa..

  5. @anon - ermm dah try ?

    -My Star Collection
    Lvl 5, Berjaya Times Square

    -Victoria Music Station
    Lvl 1, Sg. Wang Plaza

    -Rock Corner
    Lvl 3, Mid Valley

    nih based on kat chocofam forum XD


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