20 September 2010

C.N BLUE - I Don't Know Why [2nd Japanese Single]

Woww~ bsr gler poster!

Hhahaa..Sorry for the late post about CN BLUE, Aoxora! heee~

As we all know, CN BLUE made their debut in Japan last year and they would make their comeback in Japan with a new single titled 'I Don't Know Why'. The song is singing by Yonghwa and Jonghyun full in english! Very sweet melody ;)

The single was released on 16th September (Hari Malaysia! hahaa~) in Japan and contains a bonus track titled ‘Lie’.

CNBLUE will be having a live tour all over Japan, and the concert tickets were sold out within minutes. The three locations for the concerts include ‘Namba Patch’ in Osaka on the 16th (7PM), ‘Bottom Line’ in Nagoya on the 18th (6PM), and ‘Shibuya-AX’ in Tokyo on the 20th (6PM).

The preview of I Don't Know Why and Lie..

Cred: jmi0305

The 2nd photo is the cutest! Jonghyun the craziest XD


  1. nak poster besar cmtuh gak haha

    aah 2nd photo comel gle! jonghyun plg comel! tetiba jatuh cinta dgn die lak hahaha

    awin, ade instrument sanye skali, tp xsempat dw ari uh haha

  2. heheheh..housemate kte da terpengaruh ngan cn blue kayh..yg x minat kpop sblum ni..tp kudo je x terpengaruh lg..hahaha..lol

    ouhh..tau2..arituh x smpt nk dwld inst dia..intnt lmbb lak time uh..pas2 dah mls da..hekhek..


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