04 September 2010

Jay Park & Brave Brothers - I Want To Cry

I know it's a little late... But better late than never aite?

cred: aznsammantv

Uhh please don't cry? This just going to make me cry even more :/

Check out Johnnyphlo remix version too. Really cool, seriously.

I don't know if this is appropriate or not, but its been 2 years since Jay debut too right? Happy 2nd anniversary Park Jaebum, Kim Junsu, Nickhun, Ok Taecyeon, Jung Wooyoung, Lee Junho, Hwang Chansung and 2PM. Miss you guys a lot :/

Also, Redstar Presents need 3000+ people to click 'I'm Attending' for JayPark to be able to come to Malaysia. CLICK HERE! Do support, lets do this Malaysian Jaywalkers! Thanks roslyna for emailing us about this. Sorry for late tho.


  1. thank u for your support!! :D please Malaysian Jaywalkers, we really need your help to click "im attending"

  2. hey... thanks for posting! appreciate it!

    come on MY JayWalkers! show ur support guys!!!! :)
    dont forget to 'LIKE' this blogg too 2 show ur support guys! :)

    =love & respect!=

  3. @N. Iman A. Manaf - no problem, yeah lets do this Malaysian Jaywalkers!

    @dakglew2akukew? - I believe you are roslyna aite? XD Your welcome :)

  4. Thanks for sharing the donwload link! =]


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