18 September 2010

Miss A Good Girl Bad Girl MVs + Bad but Good album

Sorry for not posting this earlier XD

New girl group that making big name fast, Miss A! They will comeback soon.Yeay! But let's take a look at their previous mvs and songs. Dyou know, they are my favourite new debuties! I love the fact that they're so awesome in dancing! I dont think they're going with cute concept next, they're just like 2PM. They have their own genre of music instead of like others k-pop idol.

They're known as Chinese wonder girls so I thot they're going to debut in China lol Thankfully they're debut in Korea! And I don't think they're like wonder girls at all. They have their own music and style. I like~

Miss A - Good Girl Bad Girl MV

The first time I watch the mv, I fall in love at the first sight. JYP~ lol makes me smilee and claim they're my fav (without even see the full mv yet haha) They're so hot, love the dance~

Love again. I don't know they're going to put this song in their album. I like this song for the first i heard it too! Fei, Jia and Suzy. No Min here.

01 Bad Girl Good Girl
02 Looking At Each Other
03 Love Again
04 Break It

You know what, I've been itching to put this video for a very long time. Jia, Fei and Hyelim of Wonder Girls. They're so awesome, I fall in love with them before they even debut XD

Love them now?


  1. Eh?? igt wat profile skali..heheeee..

    Yess!! miss A sgt lain dr wg!! i love suzy!!~ hahahaa..dia sgt lawa..

    lagu bad girl good girl berthn lme gler dlm kchart en?? gler kuat pengaruh dorang..hahaha..

    ske gak sume lgu dlm album..!!~

  2. keke sbb byk sgt video dorg yg besh, so nnt pjg sgt lak XD

    i love suzy too, hot gle an die... da la lg muda dr kte hahaha tggi gle lak uh hahah

    aah baru debut da gempak, cm 2ne1 gak la hehe


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