25 September 2010

Miss A Reveals I Can't Breathe Teasers~

Miss A will be coming back to stage with their 2nd single album,Step Up..AQ Entertainment has released two video teasers for I Can't Breathe in this single slbum..

1st Teaser:-

Woww!! Min!! Love the background :)

Cred: kbskpoptv1

2nd Teaser (With English sub.):-

Colourful background and outfit~

Cred: missA

Haaa..BEAST also will be coming back with the title song Breathe..hahahaa..nevermind~ Miss A is already on their way to become famous..must support them also..hehehee..Hrmm..I like the concept of colourful!! The song will be awesome!! Miss A Hwaiting!! I don't know when the full MV will come out and their comeback stage..For now, I just waiting and waiting..Haihh :(

1 comment:

  1. haha pelik gle nape kena breath jugak?? aigoo

    hahaha miss a, concept len, tapi ttp cool. wohoo xsbr jugak~!


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