06 September 2010

Congratulation F.T Island for Winning Inkigayo Mutizen!

After coming back with Love Love Love, FT Island has finally won their first Mutizen award on SBS Inkigayo yesterday!

We won! HEHEHE Thank you Primadonna~
Congratulations FT Island! Gosh I’m so proud, group hug!

HAHA They look so clueless XD ‘Us? Us? We won?’ Adorable~ Jonghoon almost break down auww

Lee Hongki tweeted, “Thank you for the #1 win… It’s thanks to all of you guys, I really love you all.”

Choi Jonghoon also tweeted, “We placed #1… How’s this possible, we always stood at the back during the ending stages… We received the award with our minds blank… Thank you, and I love you all ㅠㅠ.”

Check out their performance too. I’m loving this song so much now :)
*EDIT - I can't find the original perf anymore, so this is the performance the next week.*

*Adding FT ISLAND's Good Download Campaign Song @ Lotte World X) so cute!

Azra, you’re away at the wrong time. Dyou know how well your boys are doing now???

Once again, CHUKAHAMNIDA FT ISLAND!!! Can't wait for you guys to swap all the awards this week especially Music Bank XD
This is for you Azra. Study well in Canada. Peace~


  1. hahaha!! bez gler love love love fti!! congratz!!! dah gler lagu dorang dah!! hehehehe..

    azraa msti happy gler!!! hahaha..

    alia, kmu wat laa kchart last week?? n nnti 2ne1 comeback kmu wat gak laa..hahaha..ok

  2. T_T overjoy!congratulations!!
    jeajini,minani & 16D also left messages to pris in their cafe message..all pris can read here:


  3. @awin- best kan? best kan? dari td dok ulang2 lagu dorg haha k-chart last week? okeyh tp xtaw ktne korg amek sape perform smua. 2ne1 comeback xde hal, 2ne1 an no1 girl group kte hahah

    @anon - thank you for sharing with us. Jaejinie, I'm so proud of you hehehe

  4. @flyfonix- hahahaa..best2!!<3 <3 <3 hahhaa..perf uh sume amek kat allkpop..die de tulis..ahhaa..okayh..dah update dah arini..wee~

    Seunghyun plg ensem!! kah3..

  5. haha time im away la ttbe fti start menang2 haha im so happy for them, although i didnt know they won at the time, i mesti as blur as the ft boys haha.

    aww thank u guys, T-T im so happy to see them win, they're so shocked T-T


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