14 September 2010

SNSD/Girls' Generation - Genie (Japanese Ver.) PV + MV 3D Ver.

Hyoyeon the sexiest..Aww~

In the middle of August 2010, SNSD or Girls' Generations has already debuted in Japan with the song Tell Me Your Wish (Genie) in Japanese Version..They held a successful Premium Showcase Live at Ariake Coliseum in Tokyo..and of course they gained so much popularity in Japan! Let's watch the PV of Genie..See the different between the korean and japanese version..

Cred : Rikochan23

Ermm yeahh!! I saw some differences!! They are wearing a different uniforms from the korean version and also the location or set for the PV are slightly different..hahaha..

And SNSD recently reveals Genie MV in 3D version at SM Town Live 10..Fans who were attending the currently ongoing SMTown Live 10 were delighted to find a Samsung 3D televison booth, which apparently showed a new 3D version of SNSD’s Genie MV..Thanks for the great fancam!! Ahh, no need to wear 3D glasses to watch this version under the cut below :-

Cred: xoS9love18

So close the fancam~ I can see them clearly! All of them look so gorgeous!! Many fans like this version rather than the original MV one including me! hahaha..I like their hairs! Heeeee~

Ahhh..I found another version..which is the dance version!! hahhaaa..so many versions..aigoo~

Cred: typicallyrae

The dance version is like you are watching their performance on stage..hehehee..

Ding Dong!!So, between the 4 versions..which one do you enjoy and love the most??

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