27 December 2010

[INTRO] BeBe Mignon! - the female 4Men -

Okay so I don't like to compare a lot of artists, but this is how this group that debuted this September 2010 got their name out. Haven't heard of them yet? It's not too late!

Currently BeBe Mignon under Sony Music & YHWO Enterprise are my favorite newbie female ballad-iers! They're very good despite how sad their songs are they are sang too beautifully, and before you make it up in your mind, "oh its just more loud and boring voices" these girls voices are actually very unique at a sweeter higher tone but a full power house control! Its epically cool when they're so young as well..

Here's their debut song I've Only Done Good Things To You, the MV is sorta harsh cuz the guy is so mean so caution, but super good song:

cr: mardiluminosity4

What do you think? Strangely worth it ain't it?

Read more for their profile & full album DL, plus a CHRISTMAS SONG WITH 4MEN & MI!

B2ST/BEAST Units Performances + My Story

Ngehh..sgt sronok smpai x mmpu x buat post awl2!! HAAHAHHA..

Start screaming-B2UTYs!!! haha..As you all may know, yeah..Beast has divided into three project units, as each pair was responsible for coming up with a song for their “B2ST Airlines” concert on 11th December (Kyaaa~ I'm gonna download the concert..Sure!), but due to high demand, they decided to reveal these self-composed songs and make their official debut in music shows..They has officially debut in M!Countdown first on 23rd November followed by Music Bank and so on..

The Three units consist of a hiphop track, “Thanks To”, by Yoseob & Junhyung; an R&B song, “Let It Snow’, by Hyunseung and Lee Ki Kwang; and “When the Door Closes” by Doojoon and Dongwoon. The group also released the complete version of “Lights Go On Again”..Okayh, no more waiting..Let's go on to their performance below~ :)

Yoseob & Junhyung - Thanks To

Cred: cjenm

Woww! The best hiphop song ever!!! Junhyung ah..looks so handsome these days =D Yoseob's voice ..drooling +,+

Next we go to Hyunseung and Lee Ki Kwang - Let It Snow

17 December 2010

Supernova (Cho Shin Sung) - Shining☆Star PV

I think Supernova becoming more way better and handsome now =D

Recently, Supernova or Cho Shin Sung has comeback with their new Japanese single..They have unveiled the MV for their newest Japanese single, 'Shining Star' about a month ago but the single album just released two days ago..and I'm pretty sure their ‘pelvic dance’ will become a hot topic! Check it out below :-

Haha..my Jihyuk! so handsome!! I like the song..I love Supernova's Japanese songs..yeah, they are actually more popular in Japan..They already promoted their comeback song in Korea, On That Day I Missed You on August..So, they have returned back to Japan to work some Japanese singles..They have released a Japanese album, Six Stars in March 2010..I'm happy they are doing well in Japan..haaa, but I still miss them to action in Korea~ :)

Shining Star...huuuuu~~

16 December 2010

[UPDATED] G-Dragon & T.O.P - High High MV!

High high! I'm so high~~

Hhahhaa..xthn gler tgk mke GD =p

Weeee~ G-dragon and T.O.P (aka GD & TOP) has finally revealed the MV for High High on 14th December..Yeah, as you all know, GD and TOP are the rappers of Big Bang..Well, of course all of you can guess what's the song sounds like..hahhaa..It's party time!!~

Cred: TeamYoshi

Woww! Seungri and Taeyang also featured in the MV! Hhahaa..cute~ TOP with a new hairstyle..white hair! It's weird but I think he looks more handsome! hahaha..GD yeah cute as usual..Love their collaboration! <3 Can't wait for their full album on the 24th!

There are 6 tracks in the album and below are the some of the brief descriptions behind most of the songs, as explained on the stream:

12 December 2010

After School Love Love Love MV + Happy Pledis 1st Single

After School in the house!!

For your information, Pledis Entertainment has planned a surprise charity album with their artists as a surprise gift for their fans by releasing a series of “Happy Pledis” albums from After School, Son Dambi, and Orange Caramel. First up in the order is After School with “Happy Pledis The 1st Album.” The title track from this album is titled ‘Love Love Love’. It was then announced that a portion of the profits earned from the “Happy Pledis” project would be donated to the “Save the Children Fund” organization.

After School have just released the MV for Love Love Love, so you better check it out below :-

Cred: pledisentertainment

Version 2

Haaa..no Beckha??!! I'm not really sure why she didn't appeared in this album..I have read somewhere that Beckha is not under Pledis Entertainment..huh..I don't know lah..Aww~ After School is not complete without her! there's only 7 members there..aigooo :(

Yeah, nevertheless, the song is very beautiful!! just in time for Christmas right..hahahaa..all the members are pretty especially Nana! I think I like her the most! heeee..My 2nd fav is Gahee..wohooo! She is always the hottest no matter how old is she..hahahaa XD

Guys, have you watch their live performance for Love Love Love?? Haaaa, It's a cute performance I told you..

11 December 2010

Music Bank K-Chart Top 20 [20101203]

SNSD wins continously. WOW!! Congratulations!!

  1. SNSD - Hoot
  2. Baek Ji Young - That Woman [Secret Garden OST]
  3. KARA - Jumping
  4. Brown Eyed Soul - 똑같다면 (If It's Same)
  5. Huh Gak - Always
  6. 2AM - You Wouldn't Answer My Call
  7. Taeyeon & The One - Like A Star
  8. PSY - Right Now
  9. BEAST - Beautiful
  10. Miss A - Bad Girl Good Girl
  11. SG WANNABE - Sunflower
  12. Yurisangja - Break Up
  13. 2PM - I'll be back
  14. Orange Caramel - Aing~<3
  15. AB Avenue - That woman.. knows
  16. Kim Beom Su - 나타나 (Appear) [Secret Garden OST]
  17. Huh Gak - 하늘을 달리다 (Heaven's Daughter)
  18. Gummy - I love you till death
  19. T-ARA - Why are you being like this
  20. Miss A - Breathe

Music Bank K-Chart Top 20 [20101126]

Again, SNSD topping the chart~ Congratulations!!

  1. SNSD - Hoot
  2. BEAST - Beautiful
  3. Huh Gak - Always
  4. KARA - Jumping
  5. Baek Ji Young - That Woman [Secret Garden OST]
  6. 2AM - You Wouldn't Answer My Call
  7. PSY - Right Now
  8. SG WANNABE - Sunflower
  9. Gummy - I love you till death
  10. 2PM - I'll be back
  11. BEAST - Soom (Breathe)
  12. Supreme Team - And Then, Then, Then
  13. 2AM - Like Crazy
  14. Miss A - Breathe
  15. Taeyeon & The One - Like A Star
  16. Gain - Irreversible
  17. 2NE1 - It hurts
  18. Huh Gak- Heaven's Daughter (하늘을 달리다)
  19. Outsider - 주인공 (Hero) (Feat. LMNOP)
  20. 2NE1 - Go Away

Music Bank K-Chart Top 20 [20101119]

Next K-Chart!! ^^ Again, SNSD, Congrats in winning!! ^^

  1. SNSD - Hoot
  2. Huh Gak - Always
  3. BEAST - Beautiful
  4. 2AM - You wouldn't Answer My Call
  5. SG WANNABE - Sunflower
  6. PSY - Right Now
  7. Supreme Team - And Then, Then, Then
  8. 2PM - I'll Be Back
  9. Gummy - I love you till death
  10. DECEMBER - Shining Tears
  11. 2AM- Like Crazy
  12. KARA - Jumping
  13. 2NE1 - Can't Nobody
  14. 2NE1 - Go Away
  15. Rainbow - MACH
  16. Miss A- Breathe
  17. San E - Love Sick
  18. Suk Hee - My heart can't
  19. Miss A - Bad Girl Good Girl
  20. Gain - Irreversible

Music Bank K-Chart Top 20 [20101112]

Been So long we updated Music Bank K-Chart. Well, here it goes from the time we left. Starting from 17th November shall we??

Congrats to SNSD - Again!

  1. SNSD - Hoot
  2. 2AM - You Wouldn't Answer My Call
  3. 2PM - I'll be back
  4. SG Wannabe - Sunflower
  5. PSY - Right Now
  6. Gummy - I love you till death
  7. 2AM - Like Crazy
  8. Supreme Team - Then, Then, Then
  9. Huh Gak - Always
  10. Miss A - Breathe
  11. Miss A - Bad Girl Good Girl
  12. 2NE1 - Go Away
  13. Gain - Irreversible
  14. DECEMBER - Shining Tears
  15. JYJ - Found You
  16. BEAST - Soom
  17. SISTAR - Shady Girl
  18. Rainbow - MACH
  19. Kim Jang Hoon - Like rain, Like Song
  20. PSY - 내 눈에는 (In My Eyes)(Feat. Lee Jae Hoon)

F.Cuz Releases Wanna Be Your Love (Friend's Graduation) MV

Having released Midnight Sun MV for their comeback last month, now they have released one more MV for Wanna Be Your Love (Friend's Graduation) from their 2nd mini album Gorgeous..They actually have performed this song along with Midnight Sun during their comeback stage at Music Bank..

Cred: f.cuz0108

Hehe..I know this song is cute! It's a very different from Midnight Sun..hahaha..Omo, Yejun (my fav <3) is so cute + handsome! heeee :) But isn't is weird the set of the MV is the same from first until the end? hahahaa..so funny but still love the song!

Catch their comeback stage at Music Bank below..btw, cute performance guys! <3

Cred: smilehi09

10 December 2010

IU - Profile + 좋은 날 (Good Day) MV

To freak you guys out, I admit I'm one of IU's fangirl despite of my biases liking her, for example, Dongho is her fanboy. So, I'm giving a special service for IU's fans out there to know more about her!! ^^

Oh IU!!^^ I'm your fangirl! LOL

And by the way, don't forget to catch her comeback as well as Younha's comeback on today's Music Bank!!

IU (아이유) or her real name is Lee Ji Eun is currently under LEON Entertainment.

Debut stage: September 24, 2008
Debut Album: Lost and Found
Label: LOEN Entertainment

Stage Name: IU (아이유)
Real Name: Lee Ji Eun (이지은)
Birthday: May 16th, 1993
Height: 165 cm
Weight: 47 kg
Blood Type: A
Hobbies: Reading
Specialty: Singing
Favourite Star: Gummy, Ha Dong Kyun, Taeyang
Favourite Actor: Kang Ji Hwan, Jung Tae Yang, Han Ji Min
Favourite Musicians: Kim Tae Woo, Gummy, Tamia
Other Facts:
-Both Gummy, Toy and Jung Jae Hyung have praised her on her potential

Check out her comeback MV,좋은 날 (Good Day)
credit to: LoenEnt

Her new album is produced by great composers, to be honest you won't disappoint to listen to whole album, REAL. Cheondung of MBLAQ featured in one of the songs in the album.

Click more to check out rest of her previous works aka OLD MVs.

SHiNee Profile

*Requested by mostly visitors of The Abracadabras.
-credit for soompi thread for their infos.

their debut picture just epic, taemin that time only 15??

SHiNee (pronounced by shiny) is the contemporary boy band that being produced under SM Entertainment. Currently, they are one of the biggest asset in SM Entertainment when Ring Ding Dong becomes hit in 2009 and followed by Lucifer and Hello in following year. The group consists of Onew, Jonghyun, Key, Minho and Taemin.

this group better stay with their new style song.

Debut Date: May 25, 2008 at SBS INKIGAYO
Debut Song: 누난 너무 예뻐 (replay)
Genres : Pop, R&B, Dance
Label: SM Entertainment, Avex Trax / Rhythm Zone
Official Fanclub Name: "SHINee World" or "Shawol"
Official Fan Club Color: Pearlescent Sky Blue

Click 'Read More' for more info about ShiNee

09 December 2010

SISTAR - How Dare You MV [3rd Single Album]

You know what, on last week, our SISTAR had cameback with their 3rd single already titled How Dare You after the released of 2nd single, Shady Girl a couple months ago..They are set to have their comeback earlier but due to the Yeongpyeong Island shelling by North Korea, they had to delay their comeback..Hrmmm, check it out the MV below :-

Cred: starshipTV

Have you watched their MV teaser before this?? In the teaser, Sistar were doing the pole dance..The pole dance is not wrong right..It's kindda sexy but it's sort of exercise though..Because of the concept, they have many problems with the media..Regardless, Sistar girls are finally going ahead with their promotions!

Hahaa..Okayh..Back to the song, I love it! Except the touching butt dances at the beginning..hahaha..but overall, I think the song would make people loves Sistar more and more! Just like Shady Girl right..They looks very cool on stage and I don't know lah, but I know that I am a STAR1! (Sistar's fan club) Hehee :)

Watch their Music Bank's comeback under the cut :-

06 December 2010

4MINUTE Profile, Let's go!

I'm bored and thanksfor I could do the blogging. So, because I'm done with BEAST Profile, Let's move to another Cube family shall we?? ^^

4MINUTE, Let's go!! credit to soompi forum mostly. :0

4MINUTE (포미닛) consists of 5 girls, led by Nam JiHyun, Heo Gayoon, powerful vocal, Jeon Jiyoon, super aegyo, Hyunah, rapper, and cute maknae, Kwon Sohyun. They are the first group Cube Entertainment made and they are the senior for BEAST & G.Na in music industry. Currently, they are spreading their wings to all over Asia and actively promoting in Japan now, along KARA & SNSD.

4-4-4 Minute~~~!!

Debut Song : Hot Issue
First Song Released: June 15th, 2009
Debut Stage : June 18th, 2009
Official Fanclub Name : 4NIA

Click more to know each member info and about their debut song.

BEAST / B2ST Profile

*requested by 2 anons and Athirah

Since I'm rarely write and I don't have any idea what to write too (LOL!) , maybe awin would let me do their profile and other profile? Pwettyy Please?? **wink wink**

HOO.. yeah!! Chibi is writing. Finally!!XDD

Mostly will be taken from Soompi, so credit to Soompi forum first. But I'm doing mostly the writing so don't worry. :D

BEAST (비스트 - pronounced as 'Biseuteu' ) is abbreviated from Boys of The East Standing Tall. Before their former name, B2ST , short name for Boys To (2) Search For Top. The group consists of talented, charismatic, dorkiest, funniest, and full of 4-Dness side of six members. They are under Cube Entertainment, which is the same company with G.na and 4MINUTE.

Debut Showcase: October 15, 2009
Debut Stage : October 16, 2009
Debut Song : Bad Girl
Official Fanclub Name : BEAUTY / B2UTY
*thanks nurmyra for correcting the name.

Click more to know about them!! ^^

05 December 2010

T-ara - Yayaya and Why Are You Being Like This MV's [Temptastic EP + MP3 DL]

Yayaya! T-ara has comeback with new mini album, 'Temptastic'..As we all know, T-ara added one new member named Hwayoung and changed leader from Eunjong to Boram..You can read the news HERE :)

From the top,left : Eunjong, Boram (leader), Jiyeon
From the bottom,left : Qri, Soyeon, Hyomin, Hwayoung (New member)

Yeah, we all thought that Why Are You Being Like This was the title track of the album because its MV revealed first..But Yayaya is actually their title track..Both songs have a very different concepts..I like Why Are You Being Like This more than Yayaya..hahaha..but Yayaya is cute though..And I don't really like the MVs..The first one is a little bit crowd or something..I feel dizzy watching the MV..Haaa, it's same like I'm Really Hurt MV..

And the 2nd one, Yayaya, I'm actually don't understand what is the song all about..hahaha..lol XD No Min Woo also stars in the video :) Let me see your lalala?? +_+

cr: coremidas

Eventhough I don't like their MVs, I'm totally love their performance on both songs! hahahaa..Now I can see Hwayoung :)

04 December 2010

B2ST/BEAST, 4Minute & G.NA @ Digi Live K-Pop Party 2011 in Malaysia!

Yeorobun!! BEAST is coming again to Malaysia!! and now with other CUBE's artists, 4Minute and G.NA too..Kyaa~ I'm so excited! =D Breathe in breathe out~

DiGi Live K-Pop Party 2011 Presale Event Details
Date: 5 December 2010
Time: 12pm – 8pm
Venue: 1 Utama New Wing, Ground Floor Main Entrance (near AIX)

From MYB2UTY's ichirinx: This is kpop party LAUNCH event. They will start selling the passes on 5th Dec and they will continue selling the tix after the event. Rock Corner will be one of source for you to get the ticket AFTER 5th December.

*Click the pictures to enlarge :)

What are the Steps?

What if I am/not a DiGi customer?

What are the available Party Bundles?

Just to inform you that VIP tickets is not for sale. VIP tickets is strictly for Corporate Partners & Media only

Stadium Layout & Seating


First 100 customers who purchase any DiGi Live K-Pop Party Bundle will receive one of the exclusive artist premiums below:
a. Autographed G.Na photo
b. Autographed Beast photo
c. Autographed 4minute "For Muzik" CD
d. Autographed G.Na “First Breath” Lyrics
e. Autographed Beast "Mastermind" CD (Korea Version)
f. Beast Pocket Tissue


Reload RM30* and get one lucky draw to:

1) Win an up close & personal experience with the artists
a. Welcome Troupe (12 passes)
- Meet up at the Hotel, depart from Hotel to KLIA with Universal by coach
- Assist with ground arrangements and welcome artist (assist the artists and crew for the luggage arrangement into the bus)
- Depart from KLIA to the hotel with Universal & Artists

b. Farewell Troupe (12 passes)
- Meet up at the Hotel, depart from Hotel to KLIA with Universal & Artists by coach
- Assist with ground arrangements and farewell (assist the artists and crew for the luggage arrangement to check in)
- Depart from KLIA to the hotel with Universal

c. TV Show (30 passes)
- Watch an exclusive live TV show featuring Beast, 4minute G.Na performance. Admission strictly by invitation only

2) Receive an exclusive DiGi premium**

*Applicable for any DiGi customer who reloads RM30 in a single transaction
** While stocks last!

Cred: MYB2UTY's Forum

[awin] Oh my..so sad I really can't go..I'm not a Digi user and also my final exam is on January too..Aigooo~ Beast's fan meeting also I didn't go..When will I have a chance to meet BEAST face to face?? Arghh!!! Jebal~~ :(

03 December 2010

2NE1 Releases Don't Stop The Music MV

Yeah!! The hottest girl group, 2NE1 just released their new song! Weee~ Don't Stop The Music is the CF song for Yamaha 'Fiore' scooters..As we all know, 2NE1 won Artist and Album Of The Year at MAMA 2010..Congratulations 2NE1!! Love ya <3 Check it out below~

Cred: 2NE1

The song seems like Try To Follow Me part 2 to me..hahaa..This is sooo 2NE1!! Colourful MV and autotunes again..But they are still the best among other girl groups..hehehe =p Park Bom yeah the only one who is always wearing a dress while the others with pants..hahaa..I love her black hair than the red one :)

JYP Nation For 'This Christmas' MV

JYP family!!~

For this upcoming christmas, the artists of JYP Entertainment had finally released 'This Christmas' MV! The MV features JYP himself, Wonder Girls, 2PM, 2AM, Miss A and the solo singers including San E, Joo and J.Lim..Ahh, I'm so excited watching all the JYP's in one MV :)

Cred: jypentertainment

Yeahh..2PM and 2AM!! hahaa..I'm just glad that Wonder Girls is there..Awww~ Love the end! Nichkhun's " This year,it'll be different, no more lonely Christmas, I wanna fall in love this Christmas!" Hhahha XD

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