27 December 2010

B2ST/BEAST Units Performances + My Story

Ngehh..sgt sronok smpai x mmpu x buat post awl2!! HAAHAHHA..

Start screaming-B2UTYs!!! haha..As you all may know, yeah..Beast has divided into three project units, as each pair was responsible for coming up with a song for their “B2ST Airlines” concert on 11th December (Kyaaa~ I'm gonna download the concert..Sure!), but due to high demand, they decided to reveal these self-composed songs and make their official debut in music shows..They has officially debut in M!Countdown first on 23rd November followed by Music Bank and so on..

The Three units consist of a hiphop track, “Thanks To”, by Yoseob & Junhyung; an R&B song, “Let It Snow’, by Hyunseung and Lee Ki Kwang; and “When the Door Closes” by Doojoon and Dongwoon. The group also released the complete version of “Lights Go On Again”..Okayh, no more waiting..Let's go on to their performance below~ :)

Yoseob & Junhyung - Thanks To

Cred: cjenm

Woww! The best hiphop song ever!!! Junhyung ah..looks so handsome these days =D Yoseob's voice ..drooling +,+

Next we go to Hyunseung and Lee Ki Kwang - Let It Snow

Cred: mnet

OMG, Both are freakin' HOT and talented in dancing!! Haaa, my Kikwang!! Saranghaeyo!!~ The song is also perfect for Christmas eve :)

Yes, finally! Our leader and magnae..Doojoon and Dongwoon - When The Door Closes
Cred: sheynne1122

Nahh..Love love love <3!!! Dongwoon's blonde hair..hahaha..sangat tidak sesuai sebenarnya =p rasa macam nak tergelak je tengok dia..hahaha..but don't worry Dongwoon, I still love you! I wanna play piano too!! Doojoon doojoon!~ Handsome =D

01 문이 닫히면 (When The Door Closes)
02 Thanks To
03 Let It Snow
04 Lights Go On Again (Full Ver.)


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  1. loving all the song! mule2 suka yoseob junhyung je. tapi ble tgk performance doojoon and dongwoon walamak besh gle. balck n white~ hyunseung n kikwang dance cool gila. beast always besh!


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