05 December 2010

T-ara - Yayaya and Why Are You Being Like This MV's [Temptastic EP + MP3 DL]

Yayaya! T-ara has comeback with new mini album, 'Temptastic'..As we all know, T-ara added one new member named Hwayoung and changed leader from Eunjong to Boram..You can read the news HERE :)

From the top,left : Eunjong, Boram (leader), Jiyeon
From the bottom,left : Qri, Soyeon, Hyomin, Hwayoung (New member)

Yeah, we all thought that Why Are You Being Like This was the title track of the album because its MV revealed first..But Yayaya is actually their title track..Both songs have a very different concepts..I like Why Are You Being Like This more than Yayaya..hahaha..but Yayaya is cute though..And I don't really like the MVs..The first one is a little bit crowd or something..I feel dizzy watching the MV..Haaa, it's same like I'm Really Hurt MV..

And the 2nd one, Yayaya, I'm actually don't understand what is the song all about..hahaha..lol XD No Min Woo also stars in the video :) Let me see your lalala?? +_+

cr: coremidas

Eventhough I don't like their MVs, I'm totally love their performance on both songs! hahahaa..Now I can see Hwayoung :)

Comeback stage @ Music Bank on 3rd December 2010.
Cred: mrkpooper4

Kyaaa~ I like the first performance! It's HOT and perfect!! hahaa..and Yayaya's performance is cute..but Boram didn't sing much in this song..they should give more part to our new leader! hahaha..One more thing, I guess Hwayoung is a rapper too..and she is tall and pretty! It seems like she is the tallest in the group..Woo 0_0

Temptastic's mini album :-

01 Yayaya
02 왜 이러니 (Why Are You Being Like This)
03 Ma Boo
04 몰라요 (I Don't Know)
05 괜찮아요 (I'm Okay)
06 Yayaya (Inst.)

All the tracks are nice I told ya! If you listened to it for many times, you might like it..eventhough it's kindda annoying..HAHAHA =D


  1. Awesome, thanks !

    You might wanna check on track 05 though, mediafire keeps refreshing the page. x)

  2. @ckk- ur wlcme :)

    oh yeah?? k..I'll try to upload it back later..my internet is so slow at this moment..btw, thanks too..

  3. Woo! There's not problem with it already. Keep up the excellent job with this blog ! x)

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. im sorry but the newbie hwayoung has a really ugly rapping voice in why are you being like this, i dont like it at all, t-ara's rappers sound so good and clear like eunjung and hyoming, but she's like ruining it lol.

    i understand now why they split the twins up, the other one could sing so they put her in co-ed, but they cant for hwayoung, lol sorry hwayoung fans i have nothing against her personally, she just shouldnt rap..

    i love yayaya and ma boo though X)

  6. hahah tetiba byk pulak yayaya nih kuar kat tv. kte suka yayaya! uu heee haha why are you being like this best gak hehe t-ara mmg my top 3 girl group pun XD

    t-ara lawaaa ^^

  7. tara no 1
    ji yeon no1
    I like yayaya & why are you being like this


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