28 June 2011

2NE1 - I Am The Best MV!~

Yay! Finally..

Cred: 2NE1

Nothing much to say about the MV, 2NE1 has high quality MVs and soo perfect! This time they become more crazier! The way they break the glasses and use the guns at the end. Hahaha. They are the best! and will be on top in their own ways! :))

27 June 2011

2NE1 Performs "I Am The Best" On Inkigayo!

2NE1 is back with their latest release, "I Am The Best". Aigoo~ I'm actually waiting for their music video first. Btw, 2NE1 made an appearance on SBS's Inkigayo this week with new styles and looks!

Cred: 2NE1

The song is good not awesome. haha. Love Bom and Dara's part in the beginning :) Hahaha, Dara's hair is cool! Minzy's hair too, like it! Wah, their dance move are really awesome!! They are the best. 2NE1 DAEBAKKK!!! ^^

25 June 2011

4Men Covers 2NE1's Lonely and Big Bang's Love Song

(L to R): Won Joo, Shin Young Jae, Kim Young Jae

4Men has recently released their 4th Album, "The Artist". They are promoting 살다가 한번쯤 (Once While Living) song in music shows. This ballad song is very nice! for #4 in Music Bank's K-Chart this week :) They also sang for OST song like "Here I Am" in Secret Garden.

We know that all the members of 4Men have a great vocal! They cover other idol's song and it's actually very good! Better than the original one :) But I love 2NE1 and Big Bang too.hahaha

cr: yameddae

Shin Young Jae has an amazing voice! Wohh, the best singer! He seems very lonely~~ hahaaha

cr: jstasimplesub2

Hahaha. I like this version more than the original one :)

24 June 2011

Heo Young Saeng (SS501) - Rainy Heart MV

Asal cute sgt Young Saeng ni?? hahha

Having debuted as a solo singer last month, Heo Young Saeng has now released his 2nd music video for his follow-up promotions, "Rainy Heart". It's a ballad song. Before that, I want to share to all of you his debut song, "Let It Go" which I personally love it! I just love his performances. He has transformed into a handsome and sexy guy =D

Below is the "Rainy Heart"'s MV. This song expresses Young Saeng's vocal talents and features the rap of SS501 member Kim Kyu Jong.

23 June 2011

B1A4 - 못 된 것만 배워서 (Only Learned the Bad Things) MV!

New music video from B1A4 has been released today! I'm so excited because I really love this kind of song! Of course this song is from their 1st mini album, "Let's Fly". They recently began to perform "Only Learned the Bad Things" on the various music shows. This song is completely different from their debut song, "O.K". Check it out below~

cred: chb1a4

Ehh, the girl looks like IU! Hahaha. Baro becomes the lead actor! He's so CUTE. Yes, he's the rapper! :D I'm very impress with Sandeul's voice! He's AWESOME! Waaaaaaa~ Leader Jinyoung so CUTE! CNU is HOT. Gongchan is COOL! Omoo, I think I fall in love with these guys. Baksu chyeo! hahahahha ^^

B1A4's profile :) Click HERE.

Rainbow Reveals Sweet Dream MV

After "To Me" promotion has ended up, now Rainbow is comeback again with a new song from SO 女 repackaged album. "Sweet Dream" is a really nice song!

Cred: DSP

This MV and song are very good! It's a simple MV and I like it very much! Alright, they still doing catwalk here. But no poppin for this time. hahaha. Okayh Alia, I'm not confuse anymore^^ I finally can remember all their names and faces esp Seung Ah and Yoon Hye (short hair)..huhuh~ Noeul, Jisook and Jaekyung are my favourites! I love everything about Rainbow! They are sooo cool yeah! :))


01 Sweet Dream [NEW]
02 Kiss (Acoustic Ver.) [NEW]
03 To Me (내게로..)
04 To Me (내게로..) (Club Ver.) [NEW]
05 Sweet Dream (Inst.) [NEW]

21 June 2011

2PM - Hands Up MV + Album's Tracklist!

Having released the tracklist of 2nd album, "Hands Up" yesterday, today 2PM releases their music video for the title track, "Hands Up"! 2PM is in the club yo! ^^

Cred: 2pm

Haha.I definitely put my hands up now!! I like Chansung's part! huhuh. Nahh, Nichkhun doesn't sing in English this time. They look so cool! You can hear Wonder Girls' Sohee voice at 2:32 ^^ Waaa, I just can't wait for their comeback this week~~


01 Hands Up [NEW]
02 Electricity [NEW]
03 Give It To Me [NEW]
04 영화처럼 (Just Like The Movies) [NEW]
05 모르니 (Don't You Know) [NEW]
06 Hot [NEW]
07 Without U
08 I'll Be Back
09 I Can't
10 Hands Up (East4A mix) [NEW]
11 Electricity (220v mix) [NEW]
12 Thank You
13 Don't Stop Can't Stop

I like "Hands Up" the most! "Give It To Me" was composed by Junho. He's so awesome! I like the melody of the song. Junsu also composed one of the song which is "Hot"..Yeah! 2PM is now sweeping the live music charts. They have become stronger than ever! <3

19 June 2011

Sunny Hill's Midnight Circus MV & Album!

Welcome to Midnight Circus show..

Sunny Hill (써니힐) has comeback with a highly anticipated fresh new image for Midnight Circus album! Let me tell you if you haven't heard of them then this is an awesome time to listen to some variety K-Pop! Maybe the name Sunny Hill rings a bell from the compilation the four girls had with Brown Eyed Girls Narsha's Mamma Mia solo track.

I'm really excited to write about Midnight Circus because its just a track that I just can't stop saying "replay, replay." Love the concept, love the choreography, love the storyline, love the song! Sunny Hill was originally comprised of Jang Hyun (the guy), Seung Ah, and Joobi, later on Kota and Misung joined up the crew and incited an amazing team.

A lot of celebrities came to support Sunny Hill for their special comeback, check out the Midnight Circus MV featuring B2ST's Lee Kikwang and the teasers including Brown Eyed Girls' Ga-In and IU!


Boyfriend Korean Boy Group Profile

Another 2011's newbie! Boyfriend's here! Now, let's learn their names and faces.

Aaaa..mogo mogo hey! :)

Boyfriend (보이프렌드) is a new boy-group under Starship Entertainment (same company as K.Will, and Sistar), debuted on 26th May 2011 with their single album "Boyfriend".

Some of them appeared in their sunbaes MV before their debut. Jo Twins (YoungMin, KwangMin), and MinWoo starred as a student on MBC's Daily Sitcom "All My Love".

Cred: starshipTV

Such a cute song! Love the dancing. So cutee! hahaha. Oh my, they are like my younger brothers except for the leader, who was in 89'er. Surprisingly, the MV had reached more than 1 million views! Wow! Boyfriend is quiet famous compared to another newbies. Well, I also like them :) Jeongmin! I want you to be my adopted brother! hahahahaha


01 Let's Get It Started (feat. Maboos)
02 Boyfriend (보이프렌드)
03 You & I
04 Boyfriend (보이프렌드) (Inst.)
05 You & I (Inst.)

Who wants a boyfriend?? Click

17 June 2011

f(x) - Hot Summer MV

f(x) just releases a new music video for "Hot Summer"!


Summer's song for this year! They already performed this song on Music Bank today. Amber looks so cool here! Yeah, I like the beat. But, I don't like the choreography, macam pelik je XD haha, hot summer hot hot summer...

B2ST/BEAST Sings "You" on M! Countdown..

Beast performed "You" as special goodbye stage on M!Countdown yesterday. Waaa, so fast to say goodbye huh?! :( They have to continue their promotions in Japan next. Good luck my boys! Hehe. I love this song so much! My favourite song in Fiction and Fact album :))

Cred: pekky22

Love these parts!
I'm gonna make you love me, neol sarang handago~
Because of you you you you~~

Beast's loving and sweet sides!
Cair beb! hahahahaha XD

15 June 2011

2PM Releases "Hands Up" Teaser!

Now put your HANDS UP guys because 2PM is back to town! Wohoooooo~ I miss them :)

Cred: 2pm

Yeayy! 2PM in the club! Chansung's funny face! awww~ Nichkhun <3 hahaha. The song and the club reminds me of Big Bang ^^ It's okayh. Full MV coming out soon...

14 June 2011


YEAH! Finally, I'm doing a profile of newbie! hahaha..

B1A4 is one of my favourite new boy group for this year! They are cute and I like their debut song, "OK". Their group name, B1A4, has been explained as being due to one member having B blood type, and the other four having A blood type. It also stands for "Be The One, All For One" .

Company : WM Entertainment
Debut stage : April 21, 2011
Debut song : 'O.K' off of their album 'Let's Fly'

cr: b1a4officialchannel

Waaa..love the MV! This song is fun and I like the way they moving their hands for part "you~" hahaha. Plus, this MV has also includes each names and blood types of the members starting from 3:06. It is easy for us to recognize them, right?!! OK GO B1A4!~


01 O.K
02 Remember
03 못된 것만 배워서
04 Bling Girl
05 Only One
06 O.K (Inst.)

The album 'Let's Fly' includes a song written and composed by the leader Jinyoung! He is talented and cute yeah.. I love him <3

Kim Hyun Joong (SS501) - Break Down + Please MVs + [Tracklist]

Hot gila! :-0

Last week, SS501's Kim Hyun Joong has finally made his long-awaited solo debut by dropping the music video for his title track, "Break Down" and the full MV for "Please"!

Actress Kim Min Seo was joined as Hyunjoong special love interest. No wonder I feel like I have seen this woman. Hahaha. She is in KBS's new drama, Baby-Faced Beauty! hahaa I watch this drama! ^^ Kyaaa~ I love this song more than "Break Down". He is so cool with the new look and the mic along with the dancing reminds me of Rain's Love Song. Hehehe XD

11 June 2011

Music Bank K-Chart Top 20 [110610]

WOW! Congratulations to Beast on their triple crown win!! :)) I'm crazy about them! I wanna go to Beast's showcase on 1st July!! But I have no money, how??!! Kyaaaa~~

Waaaa..nak nangis juga :'(

1. BEAST - Fiction
2. FT Island - Hello Hello
3. 2NE1 - Lonely
4. Baek Jiyoung - Average / As Usual
5. Sistar19 - Ma Boy
6. f(x) - Pinocchio (Danger)
7. Im Jae Bum - 너를 위해(For You)
8. Heo Young Saeng (허영생) - Let It Go
9. December - 미인 (Beauty)
10. BEAST - On Rainy Days
11. Jang Woo Hyuk - Time Is Over
12. Secret - Starlight Moonlight [NEW]
13. 10cm - 아메리카노 (Americano)
14. Lim Jeong Hee - Golden Lady
15. Boyfriend - Boyfriend [NEW]
16. 5Dolls - Like This or That
17. Park Bom (2NE1) - Don't Cry
18. Jang Jae In - 장난감 병정들 (A Toy Soldier)
19. After School - Shampoo
20. 4minute - Mirror Mirror

# Comeback Stage #
Kim Hyun Jung [Please + Break Down],Ji Sun [Breeze Blow] and 4Men [It's Not Working]

# Music Bank HOT Stage #
BEAST [Fiction] and FT. Island [Hello Hello]

# Today Music Bank #
B1A4 [O.K], Rania [Masquerade], Eru [Countrified and Immature], X-5 [Don't Put On An Act], Jewelry [PASS], A Pink [I Don't Know], Ali [I've Tried Everything But], After School [Shampoo], Norazo [Cart Bar], Alex [Even If I Go Crazy], Jang Woo Hyuk [Time Is Over], Secret [Starlight Moonlight], Brian [Loved, It's Over], Baek Ji Young [Average], Clover [Ice Trim] and Kim Jong Min [Oppa, Find Strength]

:) I guess this is the last winning for Beast :( Music Bank only crown the winner for three times.
:) FT Island is gonna win next week! ^^
:) Awww~ I love Boyfriend and their song is kindda cute
:) Kim Hyunjoong is so HOT! hehe..Kyujong is next! SS501 <3

03 June 2011

Music Bank K-Chart Top 20 [110603]

Congratulations again to BEAST on their 2nd winnning! Yeahh! I knew Fiction is going to win this week ^^ Haha. BEAST is the BEST!

1. BEAST - Fiction
2. Sistar19 - Ma Boy
3. Baek Jiyoung - Average / As Usual
4. FT Island - Hello Hello [NEW]
5. f(x) - Pinocchio (Danger)
6. Im Jae Bum - 너를 위해(For You)
7. 2NE1 - Lonely
8. 10cm - 아메리카노 (Americano)
9. December - 미인 (Beauty)
10. BEAST - On Rainy Days
11. Jang Woo Hyuk - Time Is Over [NEW]
12. After School - Shampoo
13. Park Bom (2NE1) - Don't Cry
14. Heo Young Saeng (허영생) - Let It Go
15. 4minute - Mirror Mirror
16. Lim Jeong Hee - Golden Lady
17. Kim Jongmin - Oppa Find Strength
18. Eru - Countrified and Immature
19. 4minute - Heart to Heart
20. 5Dolls - Like This or That

♬ Comeback Stage ♩ ♪ ~
Secret [Oh Honey + Starlight Moonlight], Alex [Can't Be Crazy], and Sunny Hill [Midnight Circus]

♬ Debut Stage ♩ ♪
HeOra and BGH

♬ Music Bank HOT Stage ♩ ♪
BEAST [Fiction], FT. Island [Hello Hello], and Sistar19 [Ma Boy]

★ Today Music Bank ★
Fighting Daddy [Don't Love Me], Hae Ora [Love Love Love], N-Train [One Last Cry],Woo Eun Mi [Painful],Jang Jae In [Soldiers of the Toy],Go Eun [Alcohol],Ali [I Tried Everything But],Clover [ICE Trim],Kim Wan Sun [Super Love],NS Yoonji [Talk Talk Talk],Kim Greem [There Was Only You],December [Beautiful Women],Boyfriend [Boyfriend],A Pink [I Don't Know],Turtles [Hero],5Dolls [Like This or That],Jewelry [PASS],Heo Young Saeng [Let It Go],Jang Woo Hyuk [Time Is Over] and Baek Ji Young [Average]

*Comeback next week : Kim Hyun Joong


Yeah~ I'm starting to make profiles' request! So, I'm doing Mblaq first because there are two anonymous who requested for Mblaq's profile.

Mblaq in black!! Very cool~

Debut date : 9th October 2009
Company : J.Tune Entertainment (Under Rain)
Debut single album : "Just BLAQ" (14th October 2009)

The group released the first music video for their debut song, "Oh Yeah" on 14th October 2009. The song was easy to follow and memorize, just sang oh yeah oh yeah! hahaha..I still couldn't forget this song!

Cred: AznSamManMV

Then, the group debuted in Japan, following their performance during Rain's fan meeting- resulting in a documentary being produced surrounding their stay at Japan. Later in the month, the group commenced promotions for their follow up track, "G.o.o.d Luv", with the music video being released December 10 2009. I also love this song! The members had fun in making the MV ^^ G.o.o.d Luv~~

Cred: mblaqattack2

In the middle of May 2010, they were back with "Y" . I love "Y"'s choreography more than "Oh Yeah"! The guys were awesome and handsome! haha :)) Watch the MV HERE.

This year, Mblaq back with the released of first full-length album, BLAQ STYLE. They promoted two songs from the album, which were "Cry" and "Stay". You can click HERE to view our post about this.

Okayh, for the new kpop lovers, or anybody else who forgot their names,hahah..now, it's time to get to know our "Chic Idols"! 0_0

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