12 July 2010

[UPDATED] Jay Park Fanmeet Tour 2010

Jay Park or Park Jaebeom ex-leader of 2PM, setting all controversies aside is ready to go solo! Already signed to Sidus HQ for his domestic korean activities this b-boy is on a roll!

According to his official website, this korean-american singer, dancer, rapper, actor phew, is already planning 8 stops of his Fan Meet Tour all throughout asia. Here's a treat for you, he's bringing along his beasty Art of Movement (AOM) crew with him! Jay and AOM will also battle top local b-boy crews in a friendly exchange to promote youth culture in each country. Talk about excitinggg..

Top asian promoters are on the hot on the heels of fans demanding Jay Park. The fan meets start off in Seoul on August 28th then onto Taipei, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore throughout the month of September.

- So far these are the known ones, as they have officially been released! -

Check out the Concert & Tour Schedule for updates.

  • August 28 (Sat) & August 29 (Sun) - Seoul Fan Meet @ Hwajung Korea University Gym
  • September 11 (Sat) - Hong Kong Fan Meet @ Hong Kong International Trade & Exhibition Centre
  • September 19 (Sun) - Beijing Fan Meet (to be confirmed)
  • September 23 (Fri) - Shanghai Fan Meet @ Shanghai Xianxia Tennis Centre
  • September 24 (Fri) - Malaysia Fan Meet @ Kuala Lumpur (cancelled/on hold)
  • September 29 (Wed) - Vietnam Fan Meet @ Ho Chi Minh City (to be confirmed)
  • October 2 (Sat) - Thailand Fan Meet @ Bangkok
  • October 3 (Sun) - Manila, Philippines Fan Meet @ SMX Convention Center

*click on the (place) Fan Meet to get tickets*
*will update for more info*

The Fan Meets are basically a way of Jaybeom to thank his fans for their unwavering support and patience. This is also a plan to expand to asian countries as he carries his flight to fame with his debuts in Korea and the US.

Jay says,
“I am blessed to have such incredible fans. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to go on the road and meet with you in so many great cities. I hope to make you proud.”

Aww.. Jaybeom has generated a lot of energy and hype recently as he's released an official cover collaboration with B.O.B after his infamous youtube version of "Nothin' On You" replacing Bruno Mars' vocals.

Unless you've been living under a rock Jay is also going to star in a new english Hollywood film "Hype Nation" about B-Boys and Hip Hop, currently filming in South Korea. The movie also includes a not-yet-debuted korean girl group RaNia to be apart of it, especially the lucky T-ae who plays a huge part in the movie playing Jaybeom's sister! Haa, I'd love to be apart of the movie. Downer, I do not know how to dance..

T-ae's at the back

Also! Not to forget Jay Park makes his solo debut on July 13th as he releases his all new single album titled "믿어줄래" ("Will You Believe Me") containing 3 tracks including a rearranged korean version of "Nothin' On You".

What good news for Jaywalkers in Jay Effect, dressed like Bumblebees haha. Hope all goes well awesome ex-leadja!


  1. omaigod!! for seriously jay's coming to malaysia????

  2. @diah - haha i know rite. that's awesome. well that's what jay & his company says. so far i haven't heard of any details being confirmed from a malaysian organizer.

    we'll cross our fingers for Jay's company to release an official tour schedule soon. ^-^

  3. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA sumpah aku jerit ble bace hahahahhaa

    jaywalkers XD lol

    man i miss him a lot. i smile everytime i heard him speaking korean in his youtube :) asfjsdgjs come to malaysiaaaaaaaa, so we can meet :P

    cant imagine him acting hahahahahahha

  4. hahahahah! biar betol!! my housemate gler jay okayh..jerit2 dia ble tgk post nih!! she really wants to meet him!

    tp klo fanmeeting kat KL,xleh gi rr..we kat penang..waahhh!! sedeyh je :(

    heee..i wanna watch his film!! good luck jay!!~

  5. wait....
    who the organizer..
    if umm is the organizer..
    i dont want to go!!

  6. @alia - hahaha rindu sgt jay lol. he's sweet, but yeah i can't imagine him acting, how is he going to be?? i hope he's good. he's likeable and all but i hope he's as good as acting as he is at everything else XD

    @awin - lol really? thats cool. wow so we do have crazy jay fans in msia! haha of course should be KL, penang is so farr. hey awin! btw! i'm going to penang this weekend! haha, i'll be staying at USM lol.

    @Mr. ReZa - haha i thk that would be highly unlikely, since 1. they didn't get a good response for beast, & 2. even warner music msia is unlikely though, warner music organizes for 2AM in singapore.

    let's see who's kind enough to organize mr. jay here X). I'm starting to thk Jay Nation woulda been a better fanclub name lol.

  7. Jay is coming to Malaysia!!!!!!!!
    I wont miss it!
    BTW, where did u get the schedule information from??

  8. @kathy - lol yeah! its cool. hmm im not sure myself, i think ive gotten from various sources, since it hasn't been officially released, dates are possible to change =).

  9. @AozoraXox0 thanks for ur reply dear :)
    btw, if u get any updates on fan meeting in Malaysia, could you let me know too? > <

  10. glad that i found this page! thank u for the updates ya~ can't wait for jay to come to Malaysia. let me know the exact date yaahh.. ^_^

  11. @kathy & ene - yup! sure no worries, we'll keep you guys updated too. we wanna know if and when jay comes to us X)

  12. AozoraXox0// hello~ :D how r u??
    I've noticed that Malaysia fan meet date is set already? I just went to Jay Park Fan Meet website, and Malaysia schedule is not out yet.

    Any updates? :D

  13. @kathy - wassup! yup haha looking forward for more details as well. jay's website took down the dates that haven't settled tickets, dates & venues yet, then they'll put it up again.

    i'll keep updating if i hear anything from malaysian organizers tho =D

  14. for 3 months i hav been trying to find the trailer of that movie.....can anyone tell me whr to find???

  15. @jaebeom rocks - i don't think it has come out yet, but don't worry Jay is gonna be in another korean movie that's coming out in october called "Mr. Idol". =D


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