27 July 2010

CN Blue's Malaysian FC 1st Gathering!

Malaysian BOICE, get Ready N Go!

Appropriately named BlueGather: 1st Boice Gathering, the Malaysian Fan Club for CN Blue is ready for their 1st gathering after establishing themselves since 31 January 2010. I presume everyone is invited! All fans of CN Blue of course, well maybe if you're not a fan maybe you can become one after attending the gathering! haha.

Details provided by CN Blue Malaysia Fan Club are:

Date : 30th July 2010 (Friday)
Time : 2pm - 6pm
Venue : Pizza Hut, Subang Parade, Selangor
Theme : Blue Black
Confirmation Date : By 27th July 2010

Attendance : (Boice admins as well!)
rucci, ajumma63, nazweena, haninie,
weina, oliosunflower, Avelyn, Farah Atifa, nadira, ahPei...

* Please confirm your attendance by commenting @ MY-Boice's post here.
* We will update the confirmation list from time to time.
* We are very sorry to announce that we have to do the 1st gathering on Friday. (However, kindly look forward for other gatherings as well!)

* The main purpose of this gathering is to gather Boice from Malaysia and let everyone know each other. Besides that, we will also discuss about our on going project, which is Birthday Project and future projects!

* If you want to contribute to the project, please bring your gifts!
* We will also collect donation on that day, so if you want to donate, don't forget to bring your donation!
*You can bring your colour papers, glue, color pen/pencils, marker, scissors.

Looking forward to meet you guys!! ^__^

Note: For those who living around KL/Selangor you can take KTM Komuter and stop at Subang Jaya Station. Subang Parade is just in front of the station on the right.

Hope everyone can have a good time at the gathering in support of CN Blue! Good luck to the fan club in organizing the gathering as well! Check out their Facebook page to ask questions or just to see if you're questions are already answered!

Haha well I dunno, but since it's Friday, i'd be the only one free from school lol. Pizza Hut sounds fun. But, aww no effpoos at the gathering..? =(



  1. huhu... i can't go.. i've a class.. huhu.. TT

  2. @deepinmyheart - aww thats too bad. maybe for the next one they'll do it on a weekend.

    yeah 3 effpoos got school too. im the only one haha, i need company tho if i go! lol

  3. OMG!! u put our notice here.. kekekeekk
    I am one of the admin for MYCNBLUE..
    thanks yaa..
    yes all fans are invited...
    this is just only mini gathering.. but yeah we'll do again next time on WEEKEND/HOLIDAY..

    please look forward yaaa ^___^

  4. oh hello rucci!

    your welcome. Good luck on the gathering yeah! I hope you guys have loads of fun there ^^. pizza party~~~lol.

  5. auww boiceeee, i wanna go mingle mingle with everyone too. maybe next tym :/


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