07 July 2010

Super Junior Releases No Other MV!!

hahaa..lame gler x update..sian Aox kene update sorang2..hehe..

This pic is so smart..lawa gler jd desktop background! hahhaa..

Super Junior had started No Other promotion last week and finally releases their MV today..Sweet!! I like this song so much!! Alia too right?? owh man..the most lovely and romantic song that i've ever heard this year..hahaha..Check it out the MV!!~

Cred: sment

Ahhhh..Siwon looks so handsome lah in here?? waeyo?? hhahaaha..my housemate from Sabah really love Yesung..She said Yesung is handsome ba(with Sabah's accent)..I'm so happy that i got housemate who is also loves kpop..we sing kpop songs everyday! hahaha... okayh..Ryeowook is wearing a sleeveless! hahaaa..kurus kering..no muscle =p but he is still cute! argghhh..Leeteuk, i don't know what he is doing..only snap LOVE pictures!..hahaha..

And..I can't believe it what I saw..Eunhyuk?? Awww..I thought he has a slim body no abs at all but fuyyoohh!! I think this is the first time right he is showing his body in MV?? hahaa..I can't stand watching his..! Alia sabar ye =D

Thumbs up for this lovely song!!Suju Hwaiting!! <3


  1. hahahaha mv ni bes gle!!!!

    im surprised, but its like aww how cute!

    i dh repeat 10 kali on kyuhyun's parts kot!! he sings my fave parts in the songs!! keke he does get the best parts in the songs hahaha.

    omo i just wanna kick him then hug him so so so sos ossososo tight!! my artistic adorable kyu. owhkay im so marrying him xP.
    alamak tlebih plak lol.

    donghae is so cute!!! xabis2 ngn rose die. but still cant deny he's adorable.

    sungmin i fell in love back at dream team he's my no3 again ahha.

    as for eunhyuk abs lol. bpk prasan videotape sndiri mnari hahaha.

    yeah! i like this mv! wayyy better than bonamana or sorry sorry mv lol.

    leeteuk is sorta pretty cute here too, but he' so skinny i dno to be turned off or not lol

    @awin - waa bpk bes ade roomie yg ske kpop jgak. bleh ah mmekk kt stu gak en? x)

  2. hahahaa...sme laa weyhhh!! repeat this video byk kali!! sweet gila!! waahhhh~

    sume cam comel gila!!

    u know what..kitorang memekak stiap mlm kot..karaoke kat ultrastar ni..hahah..xleh bla glerr..mmg bez rr duk cni..hehehe..

  3. there's too much to say on this... i think 3 pages un x cukup hahahahahha

    yup awin, i loveee this song so much aaaa

    bila eunhyuk bukak baju i was like, COVER UP! lol

    aaa so much sweet thing in this. comel gila cam dorg wat semua tuh untk kte. pmpn dlm mv uh konon2 nye kte aaaaaaaaaaaa sumpah comelllllllll, setiap kali tgk mv nih mesti rase nak jerit2 then blush x tentu arah hahahah

    siwon ikat kasut untk kte, donghae nak bg rose kat kte praktis dulu, eunhyuk wat video untk kte, eeteuk tgkp gmbr love untk kte, yesung bg ballon, sungmin wat lagu, shindong wat playcard, heechul erm wat card, kyuhyun tampal love besar untk kte, ryeowook cuci kete untk kte? HAHAHA

    ehem azra, stay away from my kyu and donghae haih i noe xabes2 dgn rose, hehe alia-donghae-rose not bad lol he's just too adorable im tired just by looking at him. sengih memanjang haih haih

    awin still malu dgn lecturer waaaa hahaha awin kte da sebarkan pengaruh ultrastar nih kat ramai gleeeeeeee orang. roomate, classmate punye roomate, semua la hahahah sumpah lawak karoeke smlm tgh2 mlm bute suara da mcm ape hahahha

  4. kehkehkeh kyuhyun oppa = mine. lol no worries u can have donghae to the ends of the earth! damn ur a total ELF too bad u dont post as much about them as 2PM *kantoi!!*

    haha dh lme aku x ultrastar pape kot, suare dh ilang ke mne ye? dancing? haha jgn harap aku dh gemok sbb smorg kt umah aku xleh practice anymore T-T, blame me for getting fat!


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