12 July 2010

Girl's Day Party EP + [Tracklist]

Sorry guys for late..i'm kind of busy right now..hahaha!

So,this is the mini album for Girl's Day who debuted last week..For those who haven't watched their debut performance last week, yeah, let's watch it~

Aww..I want that cute microphones!! hahaa..eh, I think they are singing live en?? less autotunes?? hahaha..

1 - 갸우뚱 (Tilt My Head)
2 - Shuppy Shuppy
3 - Control
4 - Tilt My Head (Inst.)
5 - Shuppy Shuppy (Inst.)

Shuppy Shuppy is a cute song..hahaa.. Enjoy ^_^ Haa, I'm done with Girl's Day's profile before..Click HERE okayh..


  1. haha actually the single isnt that bad. just heck loads of autotune. the gyaudung song is like makin me so dizzy.

    but as dumb as shuppy shuppy sounds, its like awin says its catchy lol. hm forgot how control sounds like but i thk i like it as far as normal songs go.

    not bad, just need to cut the electronic voices, and they need to practice up so they're not so short of breath when performing ^^

  2. hahaha bpk pelik dorg nih, wat suare comel je smpi abes haha pas2 terlompat2 haha lwk ar lol mic uh bkn guna un XD but i like that mic, kte un nak satu uhhh haha baju dorg da la same je corak. pening2 8/

    btw video hilang, kte tukar laen taw awin


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