05 July 2010

4Minute releases I My Me Mine MV

Who's next? I mean what's next? After HUH (Hit Your Heart) promotions, 4Minute has followed up with their 2nd track I My Me Mine. I like this song too. The whole album is filled with songs similar with each other & I My Me Mine is no different. Cool rough rocker-chick concept, but gurls cover yourself up! You're my age! Check it ouuut...

I My Me Mine MV:


For the concept pics/mv stills!

Jihyun (leader)





What do you guys think of their new look?


  1. i ske gler lagu ni!!! ske MV ni juga!!! gempak!!

    Wahh...jiyoon soo pretty lohh...love her!! her hairstyle always changing lagu2 lain..lawa2 ;)

    Hyuna bpk sexy!! x sanggup nak tgk..hahahaha!! sohyun comel je..hheehe..

  2. lol i thk i like this song better than huh. tp abg aku tgk dorg perf on mb even he said! man, why do the girls look all slutty? xP. hyuna aaa. ur too young dude. chillax, u got ages to be sexy.

    i kno rite i luurvvee jiyoon, she's my no1 now haha. gayoon actually looks pretty tough here i was like cool.

  3. i love the part I I I me mine i i i me mine~ hahaha

    4minute's is getting hotter and hotter~ hyuna cunnn :P


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