08 July 2010

Girl's Day Profile + Tilt My Head MV

So many newbies!! arghh..benci tol rr..pening sudah ;(

Hello!! We're Girl's Day!!~

A new five-member girl group is set to debut on 9th July at Music Bank with 'Tilt My Head' song! Girl’s Day made their names known through social networking service, Twitter..They also have created an official Fan Cafe, Youtube Channel and Twitter for each member..They will use these social networking methods to their advantage to promote as much as possible..Yeah..I think they will become popular soon ;)

Before this, they released flash mob videos of them showing off their dancing skills at Myungdong and Hongdae on April 24th and giving a preview of what’s to come in the near future when they make their debut..Watch the videos HERE..

Source: girlsday5

What do you think guys?? Yeah..they are bringing a robot like concept and cute in this MV..hahaa.but I like the colourful plastic wig!! So funny and cute lah..The song is catchy and cute to listen eventhough autotune again..huh, I thought they will bring a concept like the flash mob videos..they are very talented in dancing and i'm interested with them after watching that videos..hhee :)

The microphone concpet is a new one..macam comel je tengok mereka ini..hrmmm, it's so hard to recognise their faces here..not very clear ahh..let's see their beautiful faces one by one under the cut!! =D

Ji Sun and Ji In are withdraw from the group after two months debuted..it was revealed through Twitter on September 12th that two members would be leaving Girl’s Day..They said Ji In will concentrated in acting career while Ji Sun will study music more to find her own character..

In October, their company confirmed that two new members are added to this group for replacing Ji Sun and Ji In..So, there still in five members like before..The new members are Yura and Hyeri..They made an appearance on MBC’s “Bouquet” on October 10th for the first time and were introduced as Girl’s Day members, officially kicking off the group’s comeback by the end of this October with a new song! Yeahhh~


Name: Sojin
Position: Leader
Birthday: May 21, 1986
Height/Weight: 167/47
Twitter: http://twitter.com/girls_day_sojin

Name: Jihae
Birthday: May 14, 1989
Height/Weight: 163/43
Twitter: http://twitter.com/girls_day_jihae

[Former member]

Name: Jisun
Birthday: October 17, 1989
Height/Weight: 165/44
Twitter: http://twitter.com/girls_day_jisun

[Former member]

Name: Jiin
Birthday: March 13, 1992
Height/Weight: 167/45
Twitter: http://twitter.com/girls_day_jiin

Name: Minah
Birthday: May 13, 1993
Height/Weight: 165/47
Twitter: http://twitter.com/girls_day_minah

[New members]

Stage Name: Yura (유라)
Name: Kim Ah Young (김아영)
Birthday: November 6, 1992
Height: 168cm
Weight: 49kg
Education: Ulsan Art High School (Dancing Major)

Stage Name: Haeri (혜리)
Real Name: Lee Hae Ri (이혜리)
Birthyear: 1994
Height: 166cm
Weight: 46kg
Education: Seoul Art High School

Maknae is soo cute!! her eyes!! hahaha..senyum tak nampak mata..lorhh..comel~

The new members are gorgeous! Girl's Day Hwaiting~

Cred: Soompi, allkpop


  1. mygod, asl dorg autotune trok2 mcm tu?? its ridiculous! might as well get really2 pretty girls who are mute! they could be tone deaf for all we know the whole song is fricking autotuned!

    is it cuz of the robot concept? mygod thats so bad, why u gta have a group then if ur not singing, dont they understand its hard sing it when performing?? man, i agree with jay z DEATH TO AUTOTUNE. its taking over too much.

    less real & real music nowadays.

    anyways, jiin is sooo pretty though, omo! she's our age? lol. puts our faces to shame lol.

    yeah minah magnae is so cute. i love her eyes. so pretty. why are the magnaes always so pretty? gets on my nerves haha

    well at least as long as they arent the work of plastic surgery, at least something is real rite? haha im being so mean xP

  2. HAHAHAHHA!! tau x pe!! diorang ni ske sgt autotune!!

    but live perf maybe less autotune kot..xtgk lg debut perfrmnce diorang..

    hahaha..ur rite!! sume org yg same age wit us sume pretty!! dushh2!!~

    yeahh!! the magnae always the cutest!!

    eh,diorang xde plstic surgery eh?? dunno lah..maybe2..hahaha..

  3. haha yeah i havnt watched them either. not possible to sing live autotuned. but it'd be so bad if they lip sing. thats like going back to the 90s where ppl fake sing.

    lol dont kno haha that'd be sad if they had plastic surgery. newbies shouldnt lol

  4. awin video yg kamo letak hilang, kte ganti len. asal video kamo letak byk hilang nih? isk2

    love the 2nd pic, yg biru putih tuh, lawa je cm suci je hahaha

    yg baya kte tuh cun gak hahaha (5minit kemudian-baru bace komen azra hahaha same lak) omg i was surprise they're that old. i mean, baya donghae tuh! and they act super duper cute like igt lagi muda dr kte? whats that for? O_o lol

    anyway, are they going to use cute mic in every perf in the future? erh.... not a good idea.

    mv - haha lwk gle rmbt dorg! suka2. suka biru ngan purple! dunno who lol eh biru rap, sape rap? haha

    background dekat stiap kaler pun lawa! haha i lyk lol sumpah mcm knk2 and since i love childish thing, i like~ lol dah mcm power puff girl da~

    concept bumble bee xleh blaaa hahaha style dorg agak pelik and xkukuh lg, but at least they have diff personality based on diff style of clothes i think? hahaha

    ha yg hijau tuh mesti magnae an? lol

    eh terigt nsyc pop lak mv nih XD

  5. flash mob uh pulak XD

    haha xleh bla dance kat tgh jalan yg ramai org, mesti malu gle hahaha tp cool doww!!!

    aaa sedeh je dorg terer nari tp xgunakan dorg nye bakat uh dgn mendalam.... cute concept pulak da haih haih what a waste, hopefully next tym dorg wat concept yg boleh show dorg nye dancing skill XD

    xpasal2 ade mamat2 join dorg nye dance XD i loce flash mob lol serius cool!

    ok tetiba rase cm suka dorg XD

  6. hahaha alia came back for a 2nd round lak? lol wats up with the powerpuff girls?? lol.

    but i do miss the sudden strange cutesy group once in a while, it used to be kara, but kara's just the same as evryone else now. haa girl's day! jst sing! lol

  7. dah tuh ada smua kaler. xkan nak ckp power rangers hahaha sng cte cm concept super hero knk2 hahaha

    haha kara cute. no wonder u like sistar so much hahaha lol no i know why.

    eh dyou know, girl's day smua follow kte kat twitter hahaha pelik gle -.-

  8. Waa~~ Sy minat sesangat Minah!!! die comel! lagi satu die punye suara merdu sangat!!


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