29 July 2010

Homme (Chang Min & Lee Hyun) ft. Chae Young - 밥만 잘 먹더라 (I was Able To Eat Well) MV

Hello~ I have to blog. But I don't know what to blog??? lol me.

two smoking hot guys~~

Anyway, here's Changmin from 2AM and Lee Hyun from 8eight collaboration for a song called 'I was Able to Eat Well'


Chibi's review about the MV and the song:-
MV - Two smoking hot guys with smoky make up ( which I refer to Changmin and Lee Hyun) teases the fangirls by showing their super fine masculine body. Spoiler:- Changmin and Lee Hyun are admiring themselves in front of a mirror?? LOL!!!

The Song - Yup, definitely.. I would like to dedicated this song to people who just breaks up with their boyfriends and girlfriends. The lyrics are to motivate and cheer up such people not to always hung up with previous relationship. The song is more attractive due that my lovelies two great singers collaborate together. :D 

To end it, I'm in love with the song, lyrics and the men!! Hahahaha!!!

Yay!! Finally I post something. =)


  1. hahahaa..bpk hot bdn changmin n lee hyun!! but at the same time geli tgk dorang bkk baju..hahhaa..

    n pompoan uh bpk sexy!! hahahaaa...

    lagu ni ok gk laa..yeahh :)


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