02 July 2010

ZE:A's MTV Artist of the Month July!

Okay the randomest choice in the world don't you think? I was pretty stunned myself when I saw All Day Long MV shown on MTV and on top it something popped out saying Children of Empire is MTV's Artist of the Month of July! Now you'll get to see them Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday... Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Mazeltov!

The reason?
ZE:A, otherwise also known as Children of Empire, is a 9-member strong boy band from South Korea. The group slowly built up their fan base by appearing in various documentary-styled and reality shows titled “Star Empire” and “Empire Kids Returns.” On January 7, 2010, ZE:A finally unleashed their debut EP titled Nativity. and found instant chart success by topping both the album and artist charts on the release day. Within the span of three months, ZE:A continued their chart domination with their second EP, Leap For Detonation.

Congratulations to ZE:A! Or should I say Mazeltov? Its sorta weird huh? They've only released 2 MVs so far, Mazeltov & All Day Long. But I suspect its for promotion for the boys' Asian Tour coming up soon, ZE:A is said to also drop by Kuala Lumpur! What overachieving newbies! XD

ZE:A is also set for a comeback this July 8th with a brand new single titled "Level Up". Watch out for these kids on July 9th on Music Bank!

Check out their profile here to get to know the boys Joonhyung, Dongjun, Kevin, Hwangshik, Siwan, Minwoo, Heechul, Taehun & Kwanghee! Extra Chicken CF & Phone CF!



  1. Waaa!! ceh,xdpt tgk tv kat cni!!! hahaha..tau x pe!! bru je de 2 MV..cam BEAST gak rr ni..

    yeahh!! zea is coming to mlysia en tp xtau lg ble!!! confirm I can't go...huh..sedeyh lg :(

    Thanks for sharing azra =D

  2. haha welcum! ah awin, dude so missing u so much newbies now, aku mmg xde kuasa lol.

  3. wow congratz ze:a tho i cant remember all faces and names yet urghh

  4. where can i get the info 4 buying ZE:A ticket in kuala lumpur?


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