25 March 2010

ZE:A All Day MV + Leap for Detonation [Tracklist]

The sophmore rookies of early this year have given us they're second effort at amazing us! Leap For Detonation is their 2nd Single Album since they debuted in 2009 with Nativity. I like these boys a lot when they debuted, but Nativity didn't do it for me.

Their title song, All Day with a really anticipated (by me) music video, are inspired by the korean movie Friends! No, no Rachael, Ross, Monica, Chandler, Joey or Phoebe, but I'm sure ZE:A (Children of Empire) can fill up their spots with Dongjun, Siwan, Heechul, Kevin, Minwoo, Taeheon, Junyeong, Kwanghee and Hwangsik.

All Day Long MV:

They look GOOOEEWWDDD. I love boys in japanese school uniforms, its just really sexy haha. Dongjun comes out first yeah? With a smug face lol. Junyeong is the smexy guy that comes in second, he looks sooo much like Micky Yoochun doesn't he? I don't understand the storyline much, but i think its awesome. I feel REALLY jealous about those girls hanging around ZE:A though xP. Really I do..*grr*

All Day is a cool R&B song & Man 2 Man is more to hip hop. I think its a good move to adapt the style of Big Bang, but you have to be careful with making it actually sound good. Well I tell you, its a right side better than the horrendous Mazeltov. Whoever said Friday, Saturday, Sunday I will hurt you...was it you Kevin?!?!? *just kidding* hehe. I looovee the mv, do you?

Great hair guys, now I can't tell any of you apart..

If you still can't tell who is who when they debuted here's a little something to help you:

(Top from left) Heechul, Dongjun, Kevin.
(Bottom from left) Taeheon, Minwoo, Junyeong.

(From left) Hyeongsik, Siwan, Kwanghee.

Here's Leap for Detonation:


1 - Intro
2 - 하루종일 (All Day)
3 - Man 2 Man

Leap for Detonation-2nd Single.rar

Panda says: ZE:A cameback with a good move. All Day is a recommended song that finally compliments Children of Empire's vocals. No I can't tell who is singing what, but yes they do start to sound like a rookie Big Bang now, I like a lotttt. Man 2 Man, if you like it? Depends. I'm ready for a full album next!

MV Teaser Still!


  1. I like man 2 man!!hahaa..all day long too!!
    really miss zea!!tomorrow comeback stage on mb rite??yeahh!!ready2..hhahahah

    oh,ya2!!leader cam mke micky..hahaa..

  2. haha i luurvee the mv heechul! lol a 9-member big bang would be awesomee. but i hope they gain the swaggah!

  3. Wohoo!!Tha MV is awesome!! gangsters..hahhaah!!

    Why Dongjun,the magnae be the hero??coz he has the great body among the others??hhahaa..neway,cute gak!!hhaahhaa

    Heechul's hair is WOWWW!!luv it<3

  4. OMG OMG OMG, Ill die first and come back again. ZEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

  5. hahaha wat is that supposed to mean? i think i got the list of who comes out first i have to see also. the members dying theyr hair black doesnt help me! lol

  6. hahaha...black colour is h0t!!hhahahaa

  7. pfft I cant recognize any of them except magnae and leader HAHAHAHA wthck with all brown hair and all black hair hahahahahahah ze:a, has some individuality will ya? its hard to tell you apart when you're in a big group >.<

    I think I can understand the story line a bit... dongjun and the rest of zea is a group. dongjun fall in love with the other group's girl. the rest of zea tell him to stop seeing that girl at first. but at the end all of them come and fight with him lol

    okay I gonna rewatch this mv, since they already put zea's name XD

  8. Hhahaa..we were fighting about hairstyle..lohh..

    Oh,alia!~yeahh!!U r right!!I watch this mv byk kli gak sbb nk phmkan..hahhaa..



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