25 March 2010

After School 3rd Single Bang! MV + [Tracklist]

Are you ready to play drums??

After the release of the MV teaser for their new single,Bang! on 21st,they finally released the MV of Bang!Unlike their fellow girl groups who seem to be going for the “dark” theme, After School is heading in the complete opposite direction. The eight ladies, including newest member, Lizzy, are rocking their new drum concept with bright blue marching outfits..Okeyh,Let's watch the eight sexy ladies and the drums!hahaa..


Hhahaa..So what do you think??After School in da house!!I love the part 'A-Ha,A-Ha'!!Everyone looks HOT with their outfits and oh!long legs (jealous! =p)..hrmm..Actually,I didn't recognised the new member,Lizzy in this MV..I only see that hottest Gahee!!WOWWW!!

Here's the Tracklist..Enjoy ^_^

-Let’s Do It!-
-With U (ballad song..nice eyh~)-
-뱅(Bang)! (Inst.)-


Click 'Read more' for their latest pictures & the NEW member's info!~

New member:-

19 Years old
Good in vocals and dance skills
Cute personality!hahaa..

Besides the release of the MV of Bang!,so delicious individual photos of the girls for Bang! are out as well,which uniform do you prefer here?

The pink or the red one??I pick Gahee's pictures only because she is the hottest!hahhaa..=p


  1. hahaha awin pilih kasih, letak gahee je hahaha its okay, gaheeeeeeeeee!! i.love.you.seriously.

    lol awin, kte xwat lagi profile pasal after school tetiba wat psl lizzy sorg XD

    my opinion about the mv and song :

    -lol I thought after school is not a cutey group? I mean, they said they're not acting cute and all. but wtheck is uee doing smiling and making round eyes like this 8) hahahah

    -but I still love after school XDDDDD I keep playing the mv over and over again and I dont know why XD

    -I can recognize gahee, uee, bekah, joyeon, raina,jungah. Im lost, where nana the blond hair and lizzy? XD

  2. hahhaa...bpk byk nk ltk..8org k!!hahaha...

    dunno laa alia..ask Uee lah..hahhaa

    Yahh..same like me!!having fun watching this mv..esp gahee's slow part..can't wait to watch their comeback on mb tomorrow!

    Eyh..I also can't recognised nana & lizzy!!maybe while watching their perf ,we can knl diorang..hhehe..

  3. lol when i first heard this song i was already like, "man this song is beasty.."

    & it is! finally songs are good again, i like the everyone yelling part. but from 2:00-2:30 was just weird, i dont think they had to put a slow part there, just let someone rap.

    when i say someone let gahee rap, i dont like bekah's rapping. lol sorry bekah!

    at first i thought they said "let's go, AVATAR! Superman's next to the people yall!"
    when they were just saying After School haha.
    i still hear avatar..

  4. Hhahaa..ok lah azra..the slow part ok pe..

    tau x pe!!me 2!!when I read the eng sub then I baru phm...After School Yo!!

    Wohohoh..dont forget to watch mb this evening!!

  5. lol & i dont get wat u guys r saying all i see is nana, lol. i like her hair now its much prettier, her platinum blonde hair sorta made her look like a man hihi. she's very pretty now.

  6. Hhahhaa..nana has a very small face which is cute!!Ya2!! I like her hair to0..huhuhu :)


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