30 March 2010

G-Dragon's Heartbreaker LIVE CD

G-Dragon of Big Bang has released a LIVE CD of his (contraversial) Shine A Light concert a while back ago. I don't get why they wanna press charges on GD till he goes to jail? The only fault I see is that chick on the bed that needs to step off my baby! Anyways..

CD 2 particularly has a few suprises consisting of his first single on the album Heartbreaker completely turned inside out! The new song, since it's been alleged as plagiarized by GD, my sweetie pie, of Flo Rida's Right Round.. To solve all problems, Flo Rida has been featured on a brand new track version of Heartbreaker!

Have a listen:

The new Heartbreaker shocked me, G-D changed the words completely except for the chorus and some bridge parts, though its quite funny to hear Flo Rida chipping in a few parts here & there like "Flo Rida, YG Family, G-Dragon, holla at em!" Yeah, but i'm happy GD kept the Annyeong~~annyeong! part lol. Also GD goes "Shawty got low low low low" hahahaha I love!

G-Dragon - Heartbreaker (ft. Flo Rida)

Shine A Light - CD 1

Shine A Light - CD2



  1. OMG!! GD is back!!

    Yeahh...I like the new version of heartbreaker to0!! co0L beb!!

    I'm still still be there still there!!love that part!! and annyeong2 of coz..hahaha..

    Go GD!! hahaha..

    thanks azra for the songs..heee

  2. woh gd... and florida? hahah woh woh
    I lost contact with big bang =.= although I'm YG wings lol lol!
    Thanks for the songs!


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