14 March 2010

2PM ask us to Follow Our Soul

I'm so happpppyyy~ Another 2pm's mv =) I'm sorry if you don't like it, I'm hottest not cold-ess, thus I love ALL of 2PM songs and mvs~

2PM - Follow Your Soul (Oppo)

I love how everyone look sooo nice and smiley <3 The dance break around 3:02 is pretty weird tho XD and it feel awkward with just six. The ending is scary, I don't want 2PM to disappear like that =.=

This is actually a cellphone cf hahaha I don't realize it until I re-read the title again XD Wait, another cellphone cf? 2PM i thought you love corby?

2PM - My Colour (Corby)

Damn it, now I don't know which one should I buy XD


  1. hihihhi..cf rupenyerr..hahhaaa..x macam cf p0n..hmm..

    boleyh thn gk lgu!hahaha..2pm!!<3

  2. haha xmcm cf lgsg XDD

    mmg la 2pm punye lg smua besh2 hehe


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