30 March 2010

Oh! vs Run Devil Run?? + [Tracklist]


Ahhaaa..The story version of Run Devil Run has finally released!!Many of you were kind of disappointed that the Run Devil Run MV did not offer a continuation of the storyline that was teased at the end of the Oh! MV..So,this is the story version~


Ermmm..for me,this MV is just nice..I like this more than the dance version..but I think this is not a story version!!..it's more like remix of the story and dance version..do you think so??hahaha..I like Yuri's part when she unplugged the plug..all the black soshi dissappeared!! You better run..run!!go Yuri!! OMG, I kindda love this song..hahaa..and Oh! too.. SNSD Hwaiting~

Tetibe rase rajin arini..Today is 30th March!!hahaha..

Run Devil Run(Repackaged) album.. :)

Run Devil Run
Star Star Star(Acoustic R&B ver.)


  1. lol I dont know they have story version! haha thanks awin ^^

    but the its so weird lol this is it? or do they have others version?

    star star star is soo love XD

  2. hahaa..I like this..dunno laahh..2 versions je kot..ntahh..we'll wait n see..

    hahaha.. <33


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