30 March 2010

Happy Birthday to Ki Kwang/AJ of BEAST!! ♥

What date is today??OMG!..Today is 30th of March!!hahaha..hheee.hhuuu.hoo0o.Yeorobun! Let's wish Ki Kwang together~ Hana,ddul,set!
Saeng Chulka Hamnida (2x)!!Saranghaneun Ki Kwang oppa!!(1st time calling him oppa =p) Saeng Chulka Hamnida!!! Wohooo..Happy 20th Birthday my cutie,Ki Kwang!!Oh yeah,in Korea he is 21st!!Wish you all the best in Beast!! plus, Beast is currently and always #1 in my heart~Aja2 Hwaiting!! Weee...Excited mode is already turned on =D

I found this video about Ki Kwang..Love this!! Check it out..seriously,i'm melting now~


Wahhh..He winks to me!! Hhahaa..Love his wink+smile+voice+face+hot body (Oh Yeah!)+new hair+Everything about him laa!!!!Hhahaa..He is my first crush in Beast!!The background music 'Crazy' from Beast is awesome!! I like that song..still crazy about Beast!hahahaha.. <33>

Here's some pictures of Ki Kwang special for you guys!!Everyday I SHOCK!SHOCK! Everynight I SHOCK!SHOCK! ~~

I will follow you~~

Saranghae Ki Kwang Oppa!!~

Ki Kwang always said 'Bye-yeum!!' means bye!haha..co0L! ^_^


  1. haha cool! im starting to like BEAST a lot these days lol. i think they're getting pretty cool. plus that win at m!countdown was awesummm.

    i really love doojoon now, eff is that how u spell his name? haha watever i just like him a lot.

    when aj lifted his shirt up in the vid i went straight to WHOA! hahaha he has a REALLY nice bod. saengil chukae!

  2. hHAHAA..Beast is becoming a real BEAST now!! yehaaa!!Everybody was SHOCK!!

    yeah2!! correct2..doojoon..I lik ehim to0..hahaa..sume nak!! =p

    Keh2..tau xpe!!that's why I like him a lot!!huhu =D

  3. auww happy belated aj! I always confuse your name, ki kwang or kwang ki XDDD

    you're so fantastic you're so beast! hwaiting ki kwang! hwaiting beast!

    ps: why you're so small? =.=!

  4. dojoon leader ke magnae? aaa selalu confuse gak! -.-

  5. Hhahaa..Doojoon is the leader..magnae is Dongwoon..

    Come on alia!! nak msuk contest beast gk kan?!!hahaha...

  6. aaa kena marah dengan pmnt beast hahahha

    oo doojong yg kte nye, azra stay away from him mwahahaa

    ok2 kena brush up knowledge beast ngan ukiss skrg! weee~

  7. great!생일 축하의 oppa. 나는 그가 좀 더 친절, 겸손, 그리고 사랑 스럽 냐고요 할 텐데. 내가 당신에게 oppa 사랑!


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