23 March 2010

This is Voice Of Soul

*Requested by alia*

Thx 4 da flowers!!~

V.O.S, 'Voice of Soul 'is a R&B group that made up of members Choi Hyun-joon, Park Ji-hun, and Kim Kyung-rok. The group debuted in 2004 under record company, Star Empire Entertainment(Oh,ZE:A's Hyung!!)Hhahaha...

Although V.O.S have released two albums, the group was still unrecognized by a majority of the public. The members had faced with the fact that they might not be destined for stardom. Thus, after the second album in 2005, the members have taken a break to do separate solo project...

In year 2007, V.O.S released a special single album and the title track called ' Everyday' has become very popular to most of the public, leading to the increasing of the number of fans.This early year,they released a single called 'This is Voice Of Soul'.Let's hear it guys!!<3


As you can see,they have a beautiful voices!!Such an awesome tri0 and handsome too!!hahaha..I hope they will continue to make use of their voices to move the souls to their listeners and bring goods songs to their fans!hehehe=D

Let's meet The V.O.S:-


박지헌 - Park Ji Heon[LEADER]
Real name : Park Ji Heon
Birthdate : July 28, 1978
Height / Weight : 173 cm / 65 kg
School : WooSong JongBu University
Bloodtype : A

최현준 - Choi Hyun Joon[Handsome<3.haha]
Real name : Choi Hyun Joon
Birthdate : March 7, 1981
Height / Weight : 179 cm / 63 kg
School : MyungJi JeonMun University
Bloodtype : A

김경록 - Kim Kyung Rok[magnae]
Real name : Kim Kyung Rok
Birthdate : December 4, 1983
Height / Weight : 179 cm / 67 kg
School : WooSong JongBu University
Bloodtype : B



  1. wow awin take request la skrg, maju!! haha thanks!

    weee abg2 zea XD gmbr first yg tiga org uh comel gila XDDD

  2. ahaha cool! i love V.O.S i like beautiful life & half. and other songs i cant think of rite now.

    HYunjoon my baby! he's always my fave, ever since i saw him on star golden bell i swear i still think he looks like Hanazawa Rui! XD

    i thk JiHyeon is the hardest to remember but i liked the Happy Together song he sang wit the Davichi chick.

  3. @alia-
    hahaa..wlcme2!!nnti nk wat request azra plak..hhahaa..tau xpe!!sbb tu ltk!keh2..

    hahaa..I like beautiful life also and serious matter last year..

    hahhaa..dont know japan artist :(

    Oh yea!!I know that song..lovely duet~

  4. awin, no Hanazawai Rui from Hana Yori Dango lah, the japanese boys over flowers? the japanese jihoo lol

  5. Hhahaa..Oh!x tgk un Hana Yori Dango!!BOF tgk ah!!hhahaha..

  6. aigoo how can u do that? awin ur assignment for next month tgk hana yori dango! sea 1 & 2! lol movie xyah haha

    its jjang!!

  7. Ceyh,intenet s0 lembab laa! hana yori dango's dvd xde ke??laju sket tgk..hhahaha

  8. ade season 1 at my house, i used to have all season 2 downloaded, tp mne entah pegi, alia mmg ade i thk for sure lol.


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