09 March 2010

Seoul.FM is Where is At

Remember when I was complaining about how Malaysia doesn't have a KPOP or JROCK Radio music station? Well I've found a simple solution that could keep my thirst down for a little longer.

Seoul.fm caters to not only to K-Pop song selections, but also to Japanese songs! They play old & also very recent songs. I swear I heard a G.O.D song, even though I've heard it once in my life. Overall they have a pretty sweet playlist.

In just a half hour of listening, my favorite songs popped out naturally! I was extremely overjoyed to hear Epik High's Paris, FT Island's Tears are Flowing, DBSK's Bolero, some Big Bang, Daesung's Cotton Candy and also Arashi's Love So Sweet from Hana Yori Dango OST!

[UPDATE] Seoul.FM is now taking requests! So head on down to share your taste of kpop!

Now for the important part, loads of people are enjoying this station, but it needs some serious HELP! To help keep SEOULFM alive, they need Donations. Here are their messages:

Help us keep SEOULFM Alive!

We are still Accepting Donations for SEOULFM. Please Donate and Help us with our Radio.

SEOULFM Really needs a server in Asia. Preferably in Malaysia, Singapore or Thailand because most of our listeners comes from Asia and a lot of them are suffering from slow connections and buffer because of the latency of our servers to their location.

Please help us raise funds to have a server in Asia! We accept donations from any amount.


Thank You for helping SEOULFM!

We are really Thankful for those people who helped us raised $80 to pay off our server bills for March 8 to April 17 Billing Period.

We have already made payments to our Primary Broadcast Server which is hosted by Servercomplete.com and our Primary Shoutcast Server which is hosted by ServInt.net. As Promised, we will show you the receipt/proof of payment to assure you that your donations will not go to our own wallets. (read more)

I'm quite happy with this site, cuz now i don't have to fuss over my retarded itunes. But one thing that's not so ideal with the site is there aren't any DJs so if you like a song you don't know, there's no way of knowing the title of it.

Check out the site for different donating methods & also if you'd like to play seoul.fm on itunes or winamp as well. OMFG i love! It's playing another FTI song!! XD


  1. Im so in love with Seoul fm <3333333

  2. may i know what is the frequency for seoulfm in malaysia (KL area)

  3. I'm not so sure but I think seoulfm is only available online.


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