18 March 2010

Run SNSD Run!

Oh no, I ditch suju to post snsd's mv first. Sorry babies XD

Girls' Generation - RunDevilRun(런데빌런)

First impression:
  1. This is not strong evil, this is cute devil XD (lol I was expecting strong dark concept something like BEAST- shock XD *This is girl's group alia*)
  2. Hyoyeon, Sooyoung and Sunny raps weee~ My top 3 fav in SNSD. Tho again, their rapping is cute not strong XD
  3. SNSD dress fully close? I dont like both black and white. Ugh-ly. Show me some skin XD
  4. However I really LOVE their single shot. OMG the dress and the hair and the make up. Everyone looks pretty~
  5. I see some recycling dance moves XD
  6. I think Oh! is more awesome than this XD
  7. The first 0:00-0:10 sound exactly like chocolate love. (or am I the only one think that?)


  1. Hyoyeon is such an amazing dancer and rapper!!hhahaaa..

    alia,ni kire yg version laen oh! ke??dark concept...igt nynyi lgu oh! gk..hahahaa..
    lgu len rpenyerr...

    Not so addictive lah..the dancing..ermm..weird..ermm..ok..hahahaha!

  2. eww pls no keep ur clothes on, i dont need any skin from yall really. leave it to the boys for that xP.

  3. @ awin - yes hyoyeon, im in love with you! haha aah version sambungan dalam mv oh uh. haha kte un igt nyanyi lagu oh XD dancing dorg weird kan? HAHAH igt kte je pike cmtu.

    @ azra- dont be so pervert! XD


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