04 March 2010

Dae Guk Nam Ah - Admiring Boy MV + [Tracklist]

Mika, Karam, Jay, Injoon, Hyunmin..

Yess!!! So you know that, azra has officially lost her mind.. After all the teasers, infos & pictures. Dae Guk Nam Ah a.k.a D-NA has finally released their Single album Admiring Boy (동경소년) along with the song Shining World (눈부신 세계).

Yay! Admiring Boy MV time:


Can I scream any louder?? The last "youuuuu..." part can crack me open. Anyways, I was really taken aback with the sound these boys came out with. I was sincerely surprised! But strangely in a good way. Their sound can be related to the first songs DBSK or SS501 first debuted with, you know the super soft sweet ballads with really really good harmonizing.

On that note, YAYYY for bringing back the old music with a fresh clean look! With a title like Admiring Boy i was expecting a more clingy-clangy noise but thank god, I've had enough of that autotune crap these days. (Excluding my already originated biasedness) I love these boys for bringing on back some REAL music.

Their dancing ain't half bad either ey? Suuuper CUTE. Karam is my new bf & Mika my new husband, but of course i'm still young so bf you get more attention! xP

Enjoy the single:

Dae Guk Nam Ah - Admiring Boy
Dae Guk Nam Ah - Shining World

Okay, breathe in, breathe out, and sigh...

Who wants a souvenir picture?? XD



  1. I, officially OBSESSED WITH KARAM!!XD
    Geee.. every movement of him just make cheer like mad!!(it's the first time I become so fangirling after DBSK.. and that's really WOW.)
    and I'm currently worried Jaejoong and Junsu's position in my top 5 because of karam.. (Leeteuk still in the tOP 10...Puhuhu)

    karam can dance. (another point like junsu), he could sing (same point for jaesu..), his mouth that kinda loose (simply like Jae...*sigh*), his visual shock.. (also like jae..)...


    HE PLAYS DRUM AND YOUNG!!! Erkk.. that's why I'm worried..
    The only stuff I could say that you three will be my top 10 for now.. (No permanent position in TOP 10)

    so, cheer baby Jae and Junsu..
    **cheering for Karam behind JaeSu.. LOL**

  2. haha do you feel you've betrayed chibi? lol
    i've gotten over with the "cheating" thing. i say the more loves the better! lol

    so eh, my favorites can easily take me spots in my top guys. Karam & Mika hwaiting! Make me into a good fangirl. Tho you are oh so adorable karam, you can use some muscles. If you have leejoon's abs? I'm ALL YOURS haha.

    prasan gle nk mmpos. Great. Another band i can't keep my eyes off. Damn you.

  3. haha.. i think this is the first time Azra really likes someone from boy Band that do dancing.. (Fti and CNB can't be counted as boy band that dance. =___=)

    So, I'm very happy and surprised that you actually interested in this kind of group. Well, you can take Mika..

    At least if you can't let go KARAM, we share him between us.
    LOL... (giler nye idea.. sjak bler KARAM ader kat Malaysia sampai ckp suruh share..ahahaha)

  4. chop azra, i remembered something when i hear karam's voice..
    his voice similar to ryeowookie.. i wonder is it me or his voice is really similar to wookie..

  5. no i thot Karam's voice sounded more like taemin.

    Nope actually i think they're my 2nd contemporary dancing boyband i can fangirl properly. 1st was shinee lol. i couldn't take my eyes off of them either. haha

    alrities im cool wit sharing. we'll watch him grow (evn tho he is older than us haha).
    DGNA hwaiting!!

    aigoo should i make my list of top kpop bands?? haha:

    1.FT Island
    2.CN Blue
    3.Big Bang
    9.Super Junior

    yes ive lost current interest in 2pm..

  6. suju is in your top 10? omg shock! MWAHAHA i cant list, there are too many 0_o

    azra help me, i still cant recognize them, except karam. who is the one, rapping at the first part? which one is mika? o_O the one who dancing? lol

    both songs are niceeeee!! no wonder they have a lot of fans before they evn debut! after all the autotune and the dramas, its good to have some great news.

    dna come debut now, we welcome you with warm bigggg hugss!

  7. azra is idol maknae's killer..XD
    ko pilih sumer group mude2.. hukhuk...x per.. amik la jage la kump2 mude.. and i'll watch the old and unfamous group.. except these infamous DBSK & SS501.

    alia.. dorunk ok la nak knal.. yg rap uhh jay..
    yg nyanyi first mika.. next uh karam ^_^, ader small part uhh hyunmin (?) btol ker eja ni... and da drummer boy.. i forgot his name.

    anyway, i read comments on the other side for their debut mv...

    guess what?? we're the only site that almost like D-NA much compared to others since they said D-NA imitated HUG MV.
    Lol, for me.. both group are totally diff..
    Stop comparing them with DBSK.
    DBSK is their idol only.

  8. forreal D-NA are still babies, they can fit into any roles if the want to, DBSK already have their image & status. no need to compare.

    DNA supporter i am! ppl seriosly gotta stop drinkin Hatorade & Compare-torade haha.

    They have after all 40,000 fans already more than BEG xo

    actually theres not much guy-bands to put in my top10. ok if u dont believe ill take suju off instead lol. Am i a idol hoobae killer? *evilsmiletwitch*

    Omg alia after a gabillion posts u still cant recognize? lol there i edited the post so u can see their names under each pic of them X)

  9. hahah sorry azra, their ermm faces keep changing XD lol pictures and videos are differenceeeeeeeeeee. some of em are photogenic but some of them good in videos lol i keep changing my fav. mika looks like sungmin, and i swear i saw mickey and yesung somewhere hahahahhaha

    first tym watching mv-not cute
    2nd tym- cute


  10. ok i know why i cant recognize most of them. THEY CHANGE THEIR HAIRSTYLE lol

  11. aaa lol they decided to go with pure angelic concept when everyone is full of darkness XD

  12. dark is so overrated. kara, t-ara, beast, ukiss, f.cuz, spe lg.

    u can tell the idol's eras by their step,
    1-debuting: sweet innocent bright concept
    2-dark concept
    3-sexy sheek concept
    4-back to bright concept
    5-whatever the hell they can think of next lol.


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