30 March 2010

Happy B-Day Wonbin, Hongki & Jonghoon!

Waah yes it is THEE worst time I could wish these boys a proper bday lol. I realize that Wonbin's B-Day was just 2 days ago, but I needed to wish all 3. Hey! As long as it's the month of March I'm not too late right? lol. Is this my first spazz?

Anyways all three of my boys are celebrating their 21st (korean) 20th (everywhere else) Birthday! So congrats on being legal?

Lee Honggi's BDay is March 2, 1990
Choi Jonghoon's Bday is March 7, 1990
Oh Wonbin's Bday is March 28, 1990

A Video of their Last B-Day Party together with Primadonnas:

What?? Hongki won in arm wrestling before?? Against Minhwannie??
Oh ok, 2nd time round Drummer Minari beats Hongki 2 billion times haha.
(btw, He's also beat every single member of 2PM in arm wrestling @ Idol Army XD)

Runway Show:
Jonghun's (gay) walk haha
Wonbin just has to look cool, he doesn't even have to tryy..
Jaejin & his mad hatter skipping, you're so weird.
Minari with his super aegyeo penguin waddle, eek!
Hongki & his stupid Dumb & Dumber walk lol.

I guess I can't lump in Wonbin as an FT Island since he's an ex-member. I miss him tonnes though, news is that instead of releasing his solo debut around this year or next, he's going to wait until he graduates university. *cries more & more everyday*

Wonbin's so gorgeous, he looks like an anime in this pic..

If Wonbin releases a solo career it will still be under Fish & Cake company, he still won't abandon his label, he's not a traitor or anything lol. The boys are still Best Buddies, Oh WonBin goes to Gyeonggi University, the same as Jonghoon. They also have the same major in Digital Music! But I bet they don't get to hang out much since Jonghoon's really busy with FTi activities.

All I can get from Wonbin these days are his selcas he takes:


What do you think? He's gotten prettier I think, haven't lost his all-manly charm, but I think he got a little skinnier too. I guess you can tell now, he looks really happy though =).

Everytime I think about Wonbin, BSB's song 10,000 Promises pops in my head I dunno why. Wonbin's infamous line is from Hangeul Island Season 1. "Woori yeongwonhi gachi hamggeh haja! = Don't leave each other & be together always.." *tearsfalling*

Oh Wonbin's recent solo activity with Miss $ for YSB OST, its such a nice song isn't it?


Oh gosh I made this whole post about Wonbin haha no I won't forget my prettiest two eldest boys! *smooch*


  1. Ohh..minari is minhwan's nickname ya?? Ohhh..i c..

    Hhahaa.I didnt even know Wonbin's face..just know his name only..he was the leader right??x ugt da..
    haha..but he is pretty though macam japanese face..hahaa..

    Wahh..the birthday party was so co0l!!Love their runway show!!I liked Wonbin's style!!Hongki was like terencat akal??.. hahahaa..

    Everybody was sporting at the bday party..but they were so skinny lorh..
    Now is better lahh.. <33

  2. haha i should post up minhwan's cyworld here, he's so adorable lol.

    NOo, he was never the leader though, haha he's just the responsible bad boy of the group lol.
    Jonghun's always been the silent leadja lol.

    mm yes he is so handsome lol
    haha yeah! haha they were so skinny, specially jaejin. minhwan didnt get to develop his muscles yet, now he has them *drool..*

  3. pfft dont talk bad about my jaejin lol

    Wonbin was my 2nd fav lol when I was about to get to know fti... he left. lol! >.<

  4. haha wat? its true. cept jaejin is still skinny lol. should i post the vid of jaejin working out from 'Wanna Be Your Boyfriend' then? lol

  5. jaejin working out? djsafajbds hahahahah I cant imagine him with muscle lol! yeah you should. I miss jaejin =.=!


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