20 March 2010

I miss I The Tritop's :(

Cute boys =D

Do you know I The Tritop's??Yeah..I The Tritop's was originally a 3 members boy band that debuted in 2007 with their 1st album 'Green Fog'..hrmmm..The group didn't get much of spotlight in the music scene and simply disappeared like the morning fog.[So sad]...

However, this past May 12th, ‘I the Tri tops’ made a quiet comeback as a duo with their new digital single, ‘To my girlfriend’.I really like that song!!~hahaha..They made their comeback stage at Music Bank on 22th May 2009..Let's watch it~


So what do you think? Do they have potential or are they a flop?I think they have the potential!!I want to hear more from them!!hahaha..<33..

Check it out their profiles!!~

Name : 박형문 Park HyungMoon [LEADER]
Speciality : Basketball, swimming
D.o.B : April 27, 1980
Blood Type : A
Height, Weight : 179cm, 65kg

Name : 장유준 Jang Yoojoon
D.o.B : July 2, 1988
Blood Type : O
Height, Weight : 178cm, 60kg

Former member:-

Name : 김일군 Kim IlGoon
Speciality : Board
D.o.B : December 2, 1986
Blood Type : AB

Height, Weight : 180cm, 61kg

I like that Yoojoon because he looks like Ryeowook+Jaejoong??hahhaa..pretty+cute!!He sounds like Ryeowook tho..haishh..


  1. awin? asl tetiba eng? hahaha vos pulak XD

  2. hahaa..saje..tukar m00d..

    Ohh..VOS..nnti2 dlu..nk wat yg len dlu..byk plak ble list kan..hahahaha=p

  3. ilgoon looks like the guy from supernova. is he? lol.

    cool in eng, u have such good eng awin! why dont u write more in eng too lol.
    how dyu even know them? lol

    Rumble FIshhhh! do them, i lovee their songs, tp slalu confuse bout the ppl in them..

  4. No lah azra..len2..

    Hhahaa..thx..tp lg terbiasa ngan malay post..hhaaa...tgk mood..lorh~tgk music bank lah..mke yoojoon cam wookie..tros cari pasal diorang!hahahaa...=p

    owhh..byk request ni..
    ok2..soon2..do VOS first..

  5. azra loves eng XD awin kamo wat eng la, kte wat melayu lak XD tuka2 jom


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