03 March 2010

Cho Shin Sung (Supernova) - Six Stars (★★★★★★) + [Tracklist]

To be honest, this is the first time I see a group to put a title for an album with a symbol (which means.. with no ALPHABETS!!)

Err.. so, Cho Shin Sung or Supernova just released an album called Six Stars today..(translated from the symbol??ehehehe)

Yay.. I'm happy they are doing well in japan though I miss them in action in Korea. ^_^;;

Kay, here it goes.. the tracklist...


(in Japanese's character)
01. 明日への詩(うた)
02. Last Kiss
04. 今すぐキミに届けたい
05. もう言えないLOVE SONG
06. miss you, girl
07. 愛唄 ※ GReeeeN 「愛唄」カバー

(in english's translation)
1 Poem To Tomorrow (song)
2 Last Kiss
4 We Would Like To Deliver It To You Now
5 LOVE SONG Which Cannot Be Sung Anymore
6 Miss You, Girl
7 Love Song (Cover for GReeeeN's song)

asking for download?? Err.. I'm meaner than other abra members.. So, download by searching in net. Anyway, their cover for love Song is really good. hear the song below. Till now, cheers.. ^o^
credit to;-ONLYUS93@youtube


  1. haha ur so mean to not put up the dls lol.
    i only know 2 supernova songs, last kiss & superstar. how am i supposed to know which songs are better?!?

  2. ahaha.. nanti ak edit la...urmm jap lg dah nak kene balik.. grak dulu bwat fb jap..

  3. Would you happen to know where I could find the lyrics (and translation) for this album?

    Thank you!

  4. you can download the supernova - six stars full album on ihoneyjoo...it's complete...
    i already download it...

    it so great...
    i like track no 1^^

  5. Me encanta supernova :3


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