14 March 2010

I Know You Want Some Of My Lollipop

After 2PM's phone cf/mv now I'm back (within two hours lol) with another phone cf. Cyon LG Lollipop has another new phone cf/mv. It goes L.O.L.L.I.P.O.P! Well actually, this came out first. Forgive my bias XD

Big Bang - Lollipop 2

I personally love TOP at 1:07 XD Idk why but he cracks me up with that little moves of him XD Plus he looks extra cute in this kyaaaaaa~

Another two Lollipop cf/mv under the cut.

F(x) and MIC - Lollipop (Chinese ver)

Most of people don't like this version, but I'm okay with it XD

Big Bang and 2NE1 - Lollipop (First ver)


Dara's voice at the beginning is annoyingly addictive XD One of my favourite ultrastar song :)

So dyou think using celebrities to advertise phone brand really works?

My answer is YES! I want one of them! I am desperately need a new phone!~ my current phone hates Chibi and I dont even know why XD


  1. lwk plak dgr lollipop 2 ni..hahaha..still ske yg 1st version..ft 2ne1!!!

    lolli lolli lollipop oh nan noye lollipop!!<33

  2. lol love all lollipops, but 1st is my fave. i'm always so biased on gd's voice, he keeps on killing me!! (luv all cept f(x)) bleckk


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